Would you be interested in buying a Stainless Steel Bezel for the Astrolux FT03?

1, depends of the price

1, if the price is alright

I would consider buying 2.

I’ll take one if they become a thing. I’ve been showing my light off and my buddies want to get them [lights] now too and they’d definitely pay for SS bezels as a factory upgrade too so if these are made hopefully they can be sold as an add-on with the lights in the future.

As long as the price was reasonable, yes.

Also: a double length battery tube which connected both cells in parallel… and was somehow cheap. :wink: jk

I’d buy 2

Yes very interested

Oohh that would be nice! Bare steel as a cheap option, with a more expensive steel bezel powder-coated with bronze metallic paint so it matches.

BG will speak with manufacturer soon.

Would also be good if we could get new gaskets for around the emitter… someone may have broken theirs inadvertently :weary:

I think BG is passing on the request, though.


Could someone tell me what the benefit of an SS bezel would be? Do people want it for aesthetic reasons or for durability or something?

Aesthetics and durability. It adds an accent to an all black flashlight but since the bezel is a common place drop (dents) or scratches (missing paint look). Stainless steel prevents this.

Thanks for the answer.

Thanks for all you do! :beer:

I think more for aesthetics. They look good. I’ve never had a flashlight with a dented bezel, wouldn’t bother me if I did.


I don’t think Astrolux will make these. The now arriving batch have glued bezel. What is the reason for a stainless bezel when you can’t replace it?

The group buy is already happening over here

You can take off the bezel using strap wrenches and heat from boiling water

If I were used water mine were flooded because they misplaced the lens O-ring. But I managed to break loose it with just brute force and hand. :smiley:
That is good news but I think not everybody is able to break it. Mine has not too much glue fortunately.