Would you buy the Wowtac A2S if it had a 5000K, 90 CRI Samsung LH351D?

Wowtac is seems to be chinese made, but the only way to buy it is amazon in USA. So H03 with worldwide free shipping for 29$ is much more interesting. So may be you could also persuade them to ship in more convenient(for not US people) way?)

Wowtac is Thrunite. They had been selling on Amazon in Europe, but currently aren’t. They’ve told me they intend to do so again in the future.

I second this. I’ve been interested in a couple of Wowtac lights but Amazon US won’t ship to Australia.

I would definitely be interested in this light. :+1:

I guess I’d buy a Wowtac A1 if I could and with this emitter it’d be a done deal; not sure about the A2S. But there’s no way for me to acquire most of their products. I live in a country not covered by Amazon, so I can only get Wowtac/Atactical/Thrunite through hkequipment, and even then only the WT A4 is available there.

“Other” here. I might buy the 5000k LH351D A2S, but I prefer warmer tints. It would be a slam dunk recommendation light for almost anyone looking for a headlamp, however. If it had a 3000k, 3500k, or even 4000k option I’d probably buy one for me, one for the car, and some for gifts.

I know a lot of enthusiasts do like quite warm color temperatures, but a lot of people hate them as well. Almost nobody hates 5000K, even if it’s not their preference; on BLF, last time there was a poll, it was the favorite.

True. It’s just my preference. :wink:

For $30 with included battery, a high CRI 5000k A2S would be very hard to beat until you get to Zebralight territory. It would be my go-to recommendation for most headlamp shoppers. I doubt I’m alone in this opinion, and I think that should be a persuasive argument for Wowtac. The marketing and advertising potential certainly seems appealing.

Edit: Argh, the more I think about it, the more I think I’d end up buying one if they were available. I already have a Zebralight H600Fc and an Armytek Wizard Pro (warm, or course), and a bunch of loaners… I don’t need it… BUT… I think I might be a flashaholic. :innocent:

True & very well said. I am one who cannot stand very warm color temperature.

5000K however is acceptable , though my preference is a tiny bit cooler.
It is a wonderful choice that should satisfy most people.


It looks nice though. Skilhunt h03 with this LED and 18350 tube = BLF headlamp

Voted wouldn’t buy for multiple reasons:

1. 18650 headlamps are too heavy for me because of the battery
2. In addition, the Wowtac A2S is considerably heavier than the 44g Skilhunt H03.

This would be great. Would love to see an ultralight BLF headlamp with:

  1. either 14500 or 18350 battery (probably 14500 to get the AA support as well)
  2. highly efficient low power modes in the 1-50 lumen range
  3. completely floody emitter, preferably 4000k or lower, high CRI
  4. Very lightweight. The ZL H53Fc is 31g. Would want it in that range or lighter
  5. Under $30

Some people responding seem to be thinking of the A2S primarily as a headlamp. I use my right-angle lights handheld far more often than I use them as headlamps. Of course the A2S doesn’t come with a pocket clip, but it should. Maybe they could include one if they used the LH351D, as it’s usually cheaper than the XP-L as well.

I’d be using mine as a handheld the vast majority of the time also.

I am not sure if I would buy one myself because I already have good headlamps from Zebralight and Armytek, but I think that having a high cri option is great for any flashlight/headlamp/lantern and I would definitly recommend it to others.

Headlamps are not very popular at BLF. So GB for US customer only will have small number of participants.
It is worth to choose manufacturer with more adequate shipping policy.

It’s not a dedicated headlamp, though it would make a much better EDC light if it came with a pocket clip. Wowtac/Thrunite used to sell on Amazon in the EU. I hope that comes back.

I’m not trying to run a group buy here. I’m trying to convince them to switch LEDs permanently. I don’t know what their supply chain and parts cost looks like, but in small quantities, the LH351D costs less than the XP-L. It’s unambiguously better from a user’s perspective.

I’d buy the A2S with the LH351D. I’ve just read your review and it looks amazing with the upgraded LED.

I’ve been thinking about buying a right angle light, but there’s no way I’d buy one with a Cree LED. I’d want a pocket clip, though, because I’d need to hang it on my backpack strap or on my belt.

u/Zak, I would absolutely love having a 5000k LH351D R9050 A2S. Would be absolutely worth it.

Sorry for the late reply but yes I’d probably end up getting one.