Would you purchase a 14500 version FW1A "mini" if it existed?

If it’s AA compatible with an LH351D.

I wouldn’t mind a KR4 mini… KR1 mini?

I agree with this. Too many 14500 lights are nearly as large as 18650 lights. What’s with that? If a 14500 light is approaching the size of a compact 18650 light, forget it - I will just buy a small 18650 light - or another D25A.

I’ve been completely spoiled by EagleTac’s D25A lights. They have been my EDC pocket lights for years!

The D25A is incredibly small and light (aluminum version), compared to so many other 14500 lights out there. My only quibble with them may be that I might prefer a warmer, or more floody, or higher-CRI emitter. The D25A is a landmark EDC light, in my view. Has been for a long time. For EDC in the pocket, price point, quality… it has been THE one to beat for quite some time now.

SO PLEASE, producers, trim down your 14500 lights to a respectably small format - it obviously can be done by EagleTac. These make for remarkably comfortable EDC lights and with 14500 power, can be very potent in both output and runtime.

EagleTac has been doing it, FOR YEARS… so can YOU!

Lastly… I would so readily part with money for a D25A size light, with Anduril software, 14500 capable, Nichia 219C 3000k emitter, and perhaps an optic for a soft, floody beam! To me, that would be an IDEAL light for around the house and semi-close range utility use.

I agree; running on Eneloops is a nice thing.

BUT: If it doesn’t work with 14500 Li-Ion… I would not buy it. With 14500 you can have awesome potency in output. And with Eneloop you can have excellent utility. Ability to run both (as with EagleTac D25A) is a winning combination!

Here we go, they should be able to put this right into production :slight_smile:
Whoops, messed up my math. Hope they didn’t already start producing this. Here’s a corrected version:

Your measurements are pretty similar to the DQG Slim Ti flashlight.
I think that would be a great wishful thinking to make it work, but it wouldn’t work due to the dimmensions.
The DQG is so small because it has the LED on the driver PCB itself, what raises some issues in case we want to build a light like the FWxA.

For the length, I just took the length of the FW3A minus the difference in cell size. So they’d just need to replicate the depth of components in the FW3A to achieve that length.

That would mean a 6mm deep TIR optic, any reason that couldn’t happen?

And the driver should be a miniaturized version of the Lume1, where loneoceans managed to fit all of the components on one side of the driver. Using both sides, hopefully that could all fit? Maybe a mm or two needs to be added here?

The battery would of course be an unprotected 14500. Limited battery compatibility hasn’t slowed down sales of the FW series yet, and I doubt it would here either. Frankly, the idea of AA capability, while it would be nice to have in some Andúril light, seems completely inconsistent with the ethos of the FW series.

And is there any reason the switch couldn’t be basically the same as the one on the FW3A?

For the width, I just measured the narrowest part of the FW3A and subtracted the nominal cell size to get the minimum needed for the two tubes and room for the cell to move, then added a mm for threads and stuff. Maybe that needs another mm?

Please note that my comment above only has per base the structure of the FWxA light and the structure of the DQG slim TI, which is one of te smallest AA lights around with a clicky switch (not e-switch).

I guess it could fit such TIR or even a small reflector such as the one of the Nitefox ES10K (I’m basing on the lights I have for comparison).

Hum, this is the part where I believe some mm more will be needed.
Again, comparing to the DGQ Slim Ti: this light has a driver with the LED incorporated in the upper part. All the components are around it, and I guess that wouldn’t be the best solution for the light we’re aiming here.
So, a more common (and moddable solution) containing driver + shelf (or pill) + MCPCB w/ led, could probably take some more space.
BUT, again I don’t know how this would be feasible with the driver from loneoceans and other designs, so I won’t say much more.

The smaller 14500 cell I have is a protected and micro-usb rechargeable Lumintop 700mAh, that is “much” smaller than the unprotected Sanyos and Efest I have, so the cells wouldn’t be a problem here :wink:
I guess the best 14500 cells (both from Shockli and Vapcell) are bigger than that battery.

No, I guess not, and here - comparing again the 2 flashlights - some space could be won! The FWxA switch would be less large and slimmer than a clicky switch, so, some optimization would make the tail less tall. :+1:

I guess some mm more would be needed in case an internal tube was used. The DQG is very thing, but it wouldn’t have space inside for another tube, so at least 1-2 mm more would be needed!

I would poiny to a thickness closer to the battery tube of the Lumintop Tool AA (in the knurling part), which would allow some more thickness and space for the inner tube.

Again, my knowledge about the possibilities out there in this is limited, so please look to my considerations as a help to improve your design :+1:

maybe if it was the size of lumintop tool AA
do NOT want 3 or 4 led head, must be as slim as body tube
would want part-floody pattern like fw3a
side switch for more compactness
anduril a must!!

also needs to be under $30 to interest me personally


I would be interested if they can make the tube small so we can finally make use of those new miracle Vapcell 14500 10A and Shockli 12A cells. The FW3A tube design requiring a sleeve will make the 14500 host fat, which defeats the advantage of using 14500 cells.

Likewise, Neal mentioned interest to build a 14500 flashlight, and said I'd be happy to help design a driver for it.

I suggested using this opportunity to try something different. For example, wouldn't it be nice to use say 3 or 4 E21A LEDs instead? Wouldn't it be nice to have it also run in a boost mode and have a mix of different emitters for a customized colour temperature and tint profile? Still awaiting what they want for their product.. Maybe if enough members express interest, could help Neal / Lumintop in the direction they could go for this flashlight. :)

If it was slim and small, I’d get a couple. 14500 is okay but I’d much prefer if it could also run AA. Note, the Thrunite T10t v2 shows it can be done. Need a few improvements but the foundation is there.

There was interest expressed by members for a SP10S with Anduril. But the SP10S is not as slim as other AA lights, and that made it less attractive, since size is the primary reason people would carry it over a 18650 flashlights such as the FW3A. I think a Anduril AA/14500 would be quite cool, and would definitely buy it, but only if it’s less than 19mm in diameter, accept both AA/14500 and priced under $30.

I could possibly deliver this CAD design by the end of June. Got a lot of things happening though with a new house and work for the next 3-4 weeks. I think a reasonable expectation for this light would be 20mm x 85mm. 14500 saves 15mm, but single optic will add some. A proper deep pocket clip will be a top priority for the design as well.

Seems like identifying the optic might be a good first step, as it could affect the width and length dimensions. Looks like Ledil has some 16mm by 9-10mm options.
Or could this use the 10mm Carclo optics. Those are only 6mm deep…

Yajiamei also has 17*9.7mm 5050 TIRs in a wide variety of angles.

It looks like each of the optics in the Carclo triple used for the FW3A is 10mm. So using the Carclo 10mm would be like using one of those. Using one of these just feels right for this, but I don’t know how that square shape of the optic holder combined with the presumably larger circular opening would play out. Maybe I’ll order one of these and stick it in an FW1A with a FW3A bezel. Think that’s worth doing? Which one should I order: 10mm - Carclo LED Optics
Probably medium spot or frosted medium spot? The narrow spot cd/lm looks pretty throwy for a general use light. Or maybe I should just get all 3. If anyone else already knows this wouldn’t work well, I’d also appreciate that info :).

Looking at the proposal, I would just say that the 20mm diameter would be too thick. My opinion, of course!
Looking at the Tool AA V2.0, it measures 89.1mm x 18.5mm. I find that thickness ideal for an EDC light. I believe Eagletac has one that is similar to this one.
Making it 20mm seems to large.

About length, 85mm would be nice, but I guess we can save some more space too, maybe 2 or 3 mm (optimizing the tailswitch and the pill).
Don’t ask me how to do it, though, as I am no expert :smiley:
And thanks for your effort in advance too :wink:

if you make FW1A ti, i will take this :smiley:

The more I’ve thought about this over the last few weeks, the more I’ve realised I would buy a couple.

I live the Tool AA 2.0, but I love my fw3a and Fw1a lights much more.
While I like a smaller single led light, the driver, both button, firmware and power just can’t be beaten from the FWxA lights.
I’ve collected so many of them now, all for different LEDs, tube sizes, I would love one that’s 4mm thinner.
My favourite size is 18500, so the height would be similar and amazing for a 219b mod for around the house.

I’d be very happy if this happened!