WTB: Courui D01

I am interested in picking up a Courui D01, preferrably in grey.

I will be using it as a host, so I am not bothered if it has a burnt up driver and LED. Just a good condition host to make a side switch thrower with.


I have one with a massive copper heatsink made by NikolaS, allows to fit a 32mm MCPCB.

It has a dedomed XP-L V6 1A mounted on noctigon 32mm, FET driver with ramping FW and UCLp lens. The light works well but can use some re-focusing, but even as-is it makes about 240kcd and will run full blast without ever getting too hot. And of course you can mod it further.

This heatsink:

Let me know if you’re interested.

PM sent

Will, sounds like a nice light. Mine has that same copper slug and a dedomed XM-L2 0D in it, may soon be getting an upgrade to a ramping driver (when I get it built) and XP-L as well. Never did get UCLp lens for it, need to. Keep thinking about selling it, but can’t make myself.

I finally finished mine a few nights ago…put a dedomed SST-40 in it. I’m thinking about going with a dedomed XP-G2 just to see what it can do.

Funny you would say that, I have SST-40’s on the way and the D01 was going to be my test target for a dedomed one. How did you dedome it?

It’s in my plans too…

I had fun making a 10amp sst90 mag years ago and this new sst40 looks good too.

I used a Xacto knife to cut a cross through the top of the dome then I suspended it upside down in a jar of gas…in a pot of boiling water…on a hot plate. They’re a little tougher to dedome than XM-L2s and XP-G2s and the bond wires seem more brittle. The bond wires also stick up quite a bit higher than those found on other leds.


Found one! Thanks Will34, looking forward to receiving this hotrod!