WTB: D18 with 219B's or equivalent multi emitter light EO7 etc.


Absolutely sick at heart that I missed this.

If anyone has something like this I would be ecstatic!

Let me know what you can come up with, and thanks!


How about an ROT66 Gen2? Sw45k
Have one and the Nichias are great.

You can reach out to Vihn at Skylumen.com. If he doesn’t have any stock ones, he can build you one

Thanks! Emailed him.

Saw that-have concerns about overseas shipping. Are the lights available now?

Thanks again… done! D18 with 219b emitters. Can’t wait!

Seems like they are again out out stock …
Reg. Oversees shipping: mine went very fast to Europe (2 weeks)

Vihn does amazing work! I just got this from him and it truly appears nicer that my stock one from Jetbeam

It’s a Jetbeam RRT01 modded to a triple 219b SW45K. It is amazing with the magnetic control ring!