WTB: HD 2010

Just want a good one.

Can’t seem to wrap my mind around best place to buy or best mods to (try) to do.

So if you have a “good” one (or even advice on where to find a good one) that you’d be willing to part with, let me know?

Modded is great, unmolested is fine. Just want one that’s going to make me smile.

Prefer the grey color, but I’ll entertain others.

- Thanks - Chris

EDIT: Waiting for my new one to come from Tmart. If you have a modded one you’re interested in selling, LEMME KNOW. THANKS — ck

The Tangsfire single emitter from Tmart is OK.
I have had 4 different HD2010s.

Review of the Tmart version by JohnnyMac here: UPDATE: 5/19!! Review: ULTRAFIRE HD2010 from Tmart (warning: lots of pics!!)

YMMV, due to normal variations in budget lights.

Thanks Suncoaster. Did you get all 4 of yours from Tmart?

I’ve read JohnnyMac’s review a couple of times. Hence my obsession. :slight_smile:

I’ve heard good and bad about just about every popular vendor, so I figured I’d post in WTB on the chance that someone has a good one they’re bored with.

Recently got a grey Tangsfire from t-mart, excellent. Also have a black Tangsfire from t-mart and a black Fandyfire from lightscastle, all equal quality, all good driver. T-mart currently has a coupon for $5 off $30, coupon code “d5”. If you are in the US, t-mart also has a US warehouse, under each light it will list the warehouse location.

I don’t remember where my first couple were from. I gave away 2 and the third shorted the emitter on the reflector. I had to replace the LED.
The 4th, a grey Tmart tangsfire has an LED positioning guide, like this, but round and black,
but not an insulation gasket, so is in danger of shorting too.
Invest in some insulation if yours does not have it. Stick it on the reflector.

Oh, and welcome to BLF !

Suncoaster, Southland - Thanks for the advice and welcome. I went with the US Warehouse version from Tmart. Quick shipping, should (hopefully) be here before Christmas. Crossing my fingers for the lottery and I’ll check for insulation gasket. THANKS! -ck

Got my HD 2010 today. Good looking light. Nice brightness/anodizing/threads/centered emitter etc.

Just completely bummed that it’s NEXT MODE MEMORY.

Tried the pencil trace trick found in this thread. No joy.

Is this something I’ve missed? I really would like to return it and wait for a non-US warehouse version to get rid of the next mode memory. I (if you can’t tell) can’t stand it.

I’ll have to read JohhnyMac’s review to see if I missed him mentioning it.


So I’m back to: “Anyone want to sell me a good one?” :slight_smile:

Be sure to get this one:


ryansoh just got a bad one, with a different SKU

Be sure to use d5 for the discount.

Willbuying has several XM-L2s

Might consider this and use a 26650:

And use BLF Discount Code

Be careful about getting the right price for the emitter option — U2-1A is the cheapest …

The black version of the tangsfire I got from Tmart also had a weak version of the east-092 driver. Most I can get is 3.2A stock, around 3A with xml2 on noctigon using high draw batteries.

Just ordered that one. Thoughts on which Willbuying XM-L2 to try?

It is 3 mode, which is better …

Also found this:


Thanks- I may try that one as well. Deplete my Christmas cash and up my chances of getting a good one. :slight_smile:

BTW - Thanks to everyone for their helpful QUICK replies. This is an awesome board.

Peace -ck