WTB: MT-G2 MTG2 lights modded or not, de-dome preferred

Looking for a high powered Mt-g2 light, modded or not. Let me know what you got and what you want for it please. Thanks

Is a stock light ok?

Because this is available:

It’s an older model, but ILLUMN has EagleTac SX25L3 MT-G2 for $67.45


Thanks, I’ll check those out. I’m more looking for high current lights, like a de-domed modded light someone wants to part ways with. It seems like the stock mt-g2 lights tend to be around the high price of buying an already modded light, so just thought I’d see if any where available.

I got Convoy L2 with MT-G2 (with dome), 1800 lumens, on noctigon pad, 5000K. PM me if details needed.

I have the Haikelite MT01. Nice light. Price with a discount code is pretty good. Contact Fin17 or Freeme. You can create an account with M4D M4X if you don’t have one already. Great discounts there also.

Best mt-g2 light IMO is K40M. I modded mine to 3500lm.

H’s right the K40M is a killer light— have 3 5k 4k and dedomed—the dedomed is very yellow— 4k is my fav—contact Vinh/Skylumen I had seen he had one for $120 —— I might part with one of mine but not worth it for what I’d get for it

please check my sales thread

Bump for anybody wanting to sell an mt-g2 light, preferably with at least 2 x 26650 capacity or 3 x 18650. Especially if sliced/dedomed.

Nitecore P36 is my favourite MT-G2 Light