WTB some LED's

Hey, I’m looking for some small package size LED’s that deliver great lumens/watt that can be anything from 1W to 5W. I want to buy multiple, so a 10pc, 20pc, 50pc or so order for better price would be okay. I’m not ready to buy today, so if it’s on sale for a limited time that ends soon, it may not be too useful to me. Well, if the deal was too good to pass up, I could come up with it. But, I’m also looking for recommendations about WHAT to buy so I can research prices and availability on my own as well. I’m trying to make a flashlight with multiple low(er) wattage LED’s hoping to get by with as little heat-sinking as possible to save space, but still be reliable. Stars, Sinkpads, Noctigons, etc. will not be used, so if I can get the LED’s cheaper without them, that is a plus.

Check out the Cree xq-e. Heat sinking is a function of power and size. If you keep the output down, you don’t need as much.

Cree XQ-E Where to buy?

edit: Found at Mouser. Surely, there is a better place to buy than Mouser?

Not the best lumens per watt out there, but rather nice LEDs and cheap…