WTB: XHP35 20mm Boost Driver (improvements of Kaidomain H1-A)

Dear all,

In January 2019 I wrote to BanL from Kaidomain about his H1-A driver but so far I did not receive any feedback.


With the latest revision of this driver, intended to run XHP 50.2/70.2 at 6V, it is also possible to run XHP35 at approx. 1A on turbo. It would be interesting to run this 20mm driver with the XHP35 in multiple flashlight hosts such as Sofirn C8S (20mm) or the Convoy L2. The 22mm KD driver for XHP35 does not fit there. The only problem here is that the driver's Vf is not high enough to run the XHP35 at higher level. The maximum yield that was possible was approx. 1.700 lumens. Therefore, it would be good to know the right resistor to mod in order to apply 1.5A instead of 1A on the LED. Obviously, it is not the shunt resistor to gain more performance as lowering it did not apply more current as expected as the XHP35 runs at 12V and not 6V.

Wouldn't it be great if we all could finally get a 20mm boost driver that can also handle 12V LEDs efficiently? I'm sure such a driver would sell very well both at Kaidomain and at Simon's Convoy shop. I would greatly appreciate any contribution of BanL and/or Simon in this thread if they have the time and will to share their thoughts with us.

Thank you!



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I build this driver for 6v at 50W: [ GXB172 - 50W Single Cell 17mm Boost Driver! ]

But this also work for 12V led. For example moderator007 make one for his xhp35 led and he got 2600 lumen!

Some boost driver use tps61088 but that has max output voltage at 12.6V. loneoceans gxb172 use mp3431 and can have up to 16v ouput. this driver come in 17mm and 20mm version also.