WTS: Gen 1 Lumintiop BLF GT Gigathrower with Invicta Hard Case

Edit: Price lowered.

I have an extremely lightly used first gen Lumintop BLF GT Gigathrower for sale. Pretty much as close to BNIB as you can get used. Its entire life it has been sealed in a fitted foam Invicta hard case thats water/ dustproof. Its the cool white 2000 lumen version. I believe it is a first run light. It was purchased and used a handful of times. By handful I literally mean under 5 times. Still has it’s factory fresh o ring lube.

I am not including any batteries in the sale. Just the light, carriers, and case.

I originally made an ebay ad for the light and it did not sell. After I listed it, the bright idea occurred to me that I should sell it here. It deserves a good home with someone who will appreciate it more than I have the past few years. Again sadly, I never use it.

I am asking $220 obo. Willing to entertain reasonable offers but please keep in mind the light is MINT and the case alone was around $100.

Buyer to pay actual shipping costs dependent on distance, but if you are local to the Philadelphia region I would have no issue meeting in person/ arraigning a contactless transaction in person if you’d prefer.

Please message me here with a way to send you current pictures of it as I do not have a photo hosting site account nor feel like setting one up lol. I have many pictures of all angles of the light, with it both on and off, the carriers, and the custom cut out hard case.

Thank you for reading


Hi, I’m guessing market values here but I estimate it might be a tough sell at that price. Iirc the original first BLF GTs with the group buy were around $150? Now with the gt90 recently available for $250 and the GT4 for $290, $280+shipping (likely well over $300) might be a hard sell for an original GT. The hard case adds some value but I know most GT owners don’t have one so you’ll have to find the right customer.

Good luck with your sale!

Hey Sunny. I am a bit confused. This was not from a group buy rather one of the first ones available for sale. I see this similarly spec’ed one on banggood with a current price of $280 (bottom link.) I do know there are improved versions of this light but I see their prices are anywhere from 350 to 700 ish. If my price is too much, please other members chime in and I will lower it. I cannot find a BLF GT 2000 lumen model much under 280 at all. In fact…

A quick google search shows the gt4 regularly priced at $400. you mentioned should be “$290, $280 plus shipping”

Another google search shows the GT 90 anywhere from $300 to $350


And this is the link to a similarly (albeit newer version I imagine) spec’ed 2000 lumen GT.

Can you provide me a link to a place offering these lights at your claimed prices? Again if my price is indeed too high I have no problem lowering my asking price but a quick google search shows all of your claims to be around $100 to $150 too low.

Hey ckelly, these are group buy prices I’m quoting from their respective group buys on BLF. Most people who wanted each light probably bought them at the group buy price but there might be a few stragglers who still want a BLF GT.

The fact that these bigger monsters were so recently available at such low prices compared to their msrp might make your sale more difficult if you want to make it in a timely manner.

Official Group Buy Now Live! Lumintop BLF GT4 4x XHP70.2 30,000 lumen 1300m 7lb passive cooling beast! GT4
Group Buy Now Live - BLF GT90 SBT-90.2 powered 5,000 Lumen, 1.8Mcd / 2600m Super Thrower GT90

Yea I believe Sunny is just stating that many members will request a coupon code from a groupbuy forum and get a heavily discounted price. Often the sellers ask the members not to share the codes or prices with the general public for obvious reasons. I am sorry it took me so long to realize that the group buys are so readily available and financially beneficial. I’m thinking if the GB for the sbt90 GT is under $300, your original gt may be 20% ish high? I don’t know, I don’t own a gt and have never shopped one so I can’t give an educated guesstimate. All the best Ckellyme :+1:

Ah thank you both. I wasn’t aware of the group buys. I looked up prices on Google for my estimate for this post. Thank you guys. I will drop the price.

Hello i am interested in buying your gen Lumintop BLF GT Gigathrow kindly email me at stevewler27@gmail.com if its still available thanks

Hey Steve I emailed you earlier with contact info. Let me know if it went through I have issues with yahoo sometimes.

If Steve falls through I will purchase it.

If for some reason Steve and Mark fall through, I can give it a good home. :slight_smile:

Hey guys thanks for the interest. Please email me at ckellyme3@yahoo.com. I will provide a phone number there. I plan to give Steve a day or two to respond for it but if he doesn’t I will give you guys the sale. Thanks very much for the interest. Its a great light, as new looking as a used light can be. I wish I used it more. I am sure one of you will actually use it and give it the life it deserves.

Thanks guys


SOLD. Thank you all.

Good to hear! I hope my advice to earlier you was ok and you were happy with the price and timeliness of the transaction. I’ve realized that giving my input on other people’s prices in not a good way of going about things and I’m sorry if my comments negatively impacted your sale.