[WTS]Stock Clearance. $5/pc KEEPPOWER 26650 Battery 5200mAh--Doingoutdoor

I can’t access to your homepage.

Is there any problem on your web site?

hi bill! welcome back

:frowning: yes friend, it was influenced and a little ill at present, but we are trying best to recover it asap. Thanks for your understanding!
But transaction is still keeping on!

“Sincerely sorry about the website problem (there’s a little wrong with the server), many friends wrote to me about why the web was closed. Thank you very much for your kindly concern to us and I am moved for your friendly! The web store has not been closed it was just ill We are trying to recover it asap, it will be back soon. And during this time, anyone need to purchase or have question about something, please write to me directly: bill.qiao@163.com I will try best to answer and help asap Wish you all good luck everyday!”

Thank you bro 8)
All good to you!

Will you be shipping batteries to Canada Bill?

hmmmm, sorry for my late reply, Ouchyfoot
to Canada can be shipped by UPS,
but the condition is:
ship more than 50 pairs one time…otherwise the shipping fee is super high.

:bigsmile: would you help organize a GB of 50 pairs?
that will be a big project J)

our site recovered, welcome!!

To celebrate it, how about some coupon or more promotional flashlights? :shy:

Best wish and hug to you all!
have you ever seem the comparison pictures of FF4 4300K and 5500k in www.doingoutdoor.com?

Merry Christmas to you! :santa:

:beer: thank you Chloe!
wish you a very nice day!

Nice to see you back here in BLF, Bill and Co.!

I took a long break beginning Nov. 21 as my brother got surprisingly and suddenly very sick. He eventually passed away first week of December and I am still mourning his death.

Merry Christmas to you and doingoutdoor.

Thank you “tatasal”
Sorry for the sad news and May his soul rest in peace :frowning:
I hope your everything will be ok soon!
yes, will be ok

Sorry to hear about your brother passing, tatasal. ;_;

Thanks, Chloe.
It’s quite devastating to see him deteriorate by the day.

Nevertheless, I wish everyone here a Happy New Year!

Tatasal, please accept my deepest condolences for your brother passing away. And wish you a happy new year.

Bill, Happy new year to you too.

thank you and happy new year to you~ :slight_smile:

My condolences for you and your family, sorry for your loss tatasal.

@Bill, I already received SWM C21C yesterday. Thanks.

My heartfelt thanks to the condolences. It somehow lifts me up spiritually guys.

Again, Happy New Year everyone!

glad to hear that, thanks for informing and happy new year :slight_smile: