WTS: two canon EF full frame prime lenses

And threads about music, watches, motorcycles, coffee, whisky, peppers, stroopwafels and chocolate (mm).
I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few others.

BTW, rumour is that photo equipment can come in handy to communicate and compare beamshots.
So let’s call it auxiliary equipment, like soldering stations, DMM’s, lux meters, integrating spheres, et cetera.

And now: a cuppa joe :wink:

No issue just a life long member trying to sell some photo gear.

The lads always talk about photo equipment in other threads heaps of people run DSLR here and i am sure they would be happy to buy from another member.

These lenses would make interesting choice for a thrower build. Interesting - but not particularly good. I believe the die projection would be as sharp as it gets. But the bezels are very thick so it wouldn’t really throw well. And long focal length would result in a very narrow beam.

As long as what you are selling isn't breaking any BLF rules, you can try to sell whatever you want.

And, yes, this thread is in the proper sub-forum.

lol just did a search for the 50mm one and on German Amazon website they call the 1.4 “Earplug” and the 1.2 standard

Welcome into the Wonderful World of *gle Translate.

OK.OK Fingers smacked.

Anything goes people.

I’m going to bed and sulk. chuckle.

I’ll put my fishing gear. Game. Barra, Beach, and spinning. 20+ Rods and reels. 2 x Boats. UTE. Caravan, etc Varying prices. Tomorrow.

Funny, I was under the assumption that we had more than a few “light painters” in our mix. I am not 100% sure of what all that entails but I believe it’s using flashlights and other lighting at long exposures to gain the desired affect. Seems to fit right in there with BudgetLights to me.

Guess everyone has to have something to complain about. If we didn’t have anything to complain about, we would complain that we couldn’t complain. My wife has a problem where she likes to worry about stuff that hasn’t happened yet. We still love her though.

@Marc E:

If you have a problem with how this forum is run, take it up with Mr. Admin.

What you, and others, are doing is threadcrapping on a BLF sales thread.

netprince has every right to try to sell whatever he wants, within the rules of BLF, in this subforum.

Please check out this thread by Mr. Admin on threadcrapping:


Pointing out what the rules are isn't threadcrapping.

The rule you link to is: “Please follow this simple rule: Do not comment on “Want to Sell” items if you are not interested in buying it.”
By pointing out the rule you are falling foul of it.

And actually i wasn’t addressing how this forum is run but the reasons behind why this thread does not belong in the dedicated Budget Flashlights For Sale sub-forum, which is kinda the rules. So i will leave this here until you remove your misrepresentation of my now deleted posts, or until Mr Admin asks me to remove it. Especially as you have also removed the context for what the ‘You are right’ refers to which was specifically the threadcrapping. Sneaky.

You can leave your post there until the cows come home for all I care.

And I never misrepresented your now deleted posts.

If you thought I misrepresented your posts, you shouldn't have deleted them.

I'm not being sneaky, either.

Wait, did you write ThreadRipping or ThreadCrapping?

Because if it’s the 1st one, then I’ve got a 32 core CPU that I can sell you. :slight_smile:

The link says a lot more than that.

I suggest you read it.

By the way, telling people what the rules are when they don't know is not against any BLF rules.

Arguing what the rules should be, in a sales thread, is a form of threadcrapping.

OK People. Calm down. MY fault.

I admit I opened my mouth without putting brain into gear.

It’s just that over the yrs, I’ve seen “specific items” forums
sales posts, develop into anybody selling everything, non related to the forums subject’s.
If that’s what management want . Shrug….

Didn’t think I would get this much fire for such a tine thing.

. . . and how do you like it?

Almost all my flashlight porn pictures have been with the original Sony A7S full frame (with Sony 24-70mm). Gotta love the narrow depth-of-field when you want it.

Yeah, you got Ultrafíre…

I love it so far. It was a big jump for me, I was using the canon eos 10d from 15 years ago.

I opted to get the kit lens because I couldn’t really afford any other lens at purchase time. Its not bad but I really like shooting with primes.

I find I cant decide between the 35mm 1.8 or the 55mm 1.8. My favorite lens on the canon (apsc sensor) was the 28mm, which comes out to around 45mm on a full frame… Right in between 35 and 55…

BTW: which 24-70 do you have? How is the size/weight?

It's the SEL2470Z (link)

I also have the 55mm 1.8 (SEL55F18Z). I can tell you it's incredibly sharp (but no optical stabilization).

Size weight? The lenses aren't particularly heavy, but the camera with lens is rather heavy - but to be expected with full frame.