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Wuben X1 Small And Powerful ECL Flashlight
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【 Small And Powerful: 】Highest brightness level wuben has ever produced, reaching a max output of 12,000 lumens and a 303m beam distance with the size of 5.06*2.20*1.10 inches.

【 Constant Current: 】4 preset modes for any situstion possible , can be constant 3000 lumens for 1.7 hours.

【 Active Cooling Fans: 】Created an active cooling system - a built-in waterproof fan is added in X1 to reduce the temperature.

【 Fast Full Charge:】 The Power Delivery lets you fully charge your X1 in just 2 hours via USB Type C cable.

X1 is expected to be shipped by the end of December

Is the bike mount included in X-1 package. In X-1 manual I read it is optional but I didn’t find on Wuben website how to order that mount. Also in some reviews it is also included in package. I want that flashlight exactly for mountain biking and without bike mount it is useless for me.

Hi. 25% Coupon offer it is valid. I saw on Wuben site that finally bike mount is available.

The Code “WUBEN20” is also currently active through the end of today for 20% off of any of the X series lights and the mount you are looking for for the X1.

Interested in the 25% please.

Hello, I don’t know if it’s included,
But you can find it on Wuben website: looks for
AT2X - bicycle mount for X1

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Yes I ordered one with bycicle mount weeks ago. So far I am happy with X-1 MAO. Very well made light. Very good quality compared to budget brands.

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