WUBEN Flashlight New arrival TO10R--High CRI,Tail magnetic design

[quote =盒]看起来像一个不错的光。需要更多的输出。价钱多少?我想你们需要有人帮助拼写和语法。一些拼写错误和一些句子没有意义。我相信我们中的一个人愿意帮忙。不需要很长时间[/ quote]OK, we'd love to. Thank you very much. The TO10R's unified retail price is $45.99

good idea

[quote = FPV]非常酷的光线,我真的觉得磁尾会引入有趣的用例。图中的汽车方案只有其中一个,那么你将有花园,车库,商店区,(...)[/ quote]Thanks for your support

[quote = MascaratumB]甜,就像TO46R:D(这就是我的“买”名单:!!!:)我想看到的一件事就是直接加入涡轮增压作为“大姐”有;)这看起来真棒,混合优雅和科技8 ^)[/ quote]Thank you for your support.We will continue to do the flashlights suitable for everyone

TO10R is cold white 6000K or so, the review will come out recently.

[quote = WestBam]看起来非常好。THUMBS-UP:是否有18650电池版本?[/ quote]Maybe TO46R you would like it

If a lot of friends like WUBEN-TO10R, we can consider a favorable group purchase. Please tell me your ideas

I would participate in a group buy, fire it up! :+1:

I sent Maukka the triple XPG3 emitter board from my Wuben TO46R to see if the 90CRI claim was even close. It’s not. 72/73CRI is more like it. FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public - #1945 by maukka

There is significant tint shifting with the AR lens on. Wuben needs to get rid of the AR lens and install quality clear glass instead. I installed 90 CRI Nichia 219C triple in mine, and it’s absolutely fantastic now, albeit under driven. But thats ok, because it never gets hot. The machining quality of the host is top notch.

I am interested in a group buy. I would like a 18650 accessory battery tube option as well.

I am also interested to know if the TO10R can accommodate 18350 cells.

Me too!! :+1:

Hi WubenLight,

Can you comment on this? The TO46R was advertised as a High CRI light but it turned out that it isn’t. Maybe you should stop advertising some of your lights as high CRI if they really aren’t. We’ll eventually know for sure. I hope you’re not doing this with the TO10R.

There are brands out there that do deliver in their claims with high CRI in their flashlights (Astrolux, Jaxman, Emisar for example). I don’t see why I would waste my money with a product that claims to be something it isn’t.

We have thoroughly investigated the issue and found out that there was indeed a batch fabricated with incorrect emitters. The emitters used in that batch were only 70CRI. We have now implemented new safety measures that will make sure this will not happen again and all future lights will use correct 90+CRI emitters.

Hi Wuben-team,
that is the right way ! :+1:
But what is with my two TO46R ? I bought them because I thought it is a high CRI torch but it has only 72 CRI!?
How could Wuben help me?


Also interested! :smiley:

Here are 2 reviews or this light, so far:
my own: REVIEW: Wuben TO10R – Triple XP-G3 – 16340 battery – 650 lumens – 4 Levels & Stepless dimming [PIC HEAVY]
bilakos10: [Review] Wuben TO10R ( 3 x XP-G3, 16340) ~ A great shorty triple

I have been following this thread with great interest, as I see TO10R and TO46R as very promising products, but the above mentioned CRI issue has been preventing me from purchasing them. :person_facepalming:

Consequently, I have been lately providing them some assistance with the CRI issue… Correct emitters will arrive their factory as we speak and all new lights produced will have real 90+CRI emitters. They have been very collaborative and proven that they really want to improve. Good job!

To be sure of the quality and real CRI, I arranged samples from the new batches to be tested by maukka (and me) => We can buy them with confidence.

Speaking of buying: Some members were requesting a GB of these lights, so… While being in close contact with Wuben, I did my best to negotiate a pretty good group buy of TO46R and TO10R.

The GB will be announced soon. Please stay tuned!

[price is too good to be mentioned publicly and amount of GB lights limited to certain number (for both models separately) - feel free to express your interest below and get your spot reserved in advance… ;)]

These are great news :partying_face:

Thanks for the work with them, the (and maukka)!
Wuben lights are very nice, and with High CRI they will be even more!
I guess I will wait some time more to get a hand on a TO46R, if the price is good!

I would also suggest some UI change on the TO10R (as I did on my review and suggested directlty to Jelina) but even if that is not possible, I will keep an eye on the 46R.

Thanks :+1:

GB thread here: Group Buy: Wuben TO10R and TO46R (real 90+CRI triple XP-G3) - CLOSED!!