Wuben T70 question

Does anyone know whether or not the Wuben T70 use a 12-volt version of the XHP70.2? Thanks.

From my understanding there aren’t 6V and 12V “versions”, it’s just determined by how the MCPCB is wired.

Yeap, that is so.

Yes, you are right BUT the driver will be made to produce a certain voltage. . I guess that is the question I should have asked; what voltage is the driver. Anyone know that. To know that would be easier than tearing it apart and easuring driver output voltage.

Wuben sales extension tubing for this light, so maybe its a 12V ? Ask them.

Not sure if this and TomE’s could help, MtnDon:


Thanks for the link to the review. Since TomE says the wires to the mcpcb are small, 24 AWG, it is a good guess that it is 12 volt. I have a FC40 emitter that could be nice in this light. It’s probably worth the effort to dismantle the front end and measure.

In TomE post MCPCB looks configured for 12V .

Thank you…. I am not familiar with that

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