Wurkkos 21700 - what kind of chemistry?

I’m wondering what kind of chemistry is in the Wurkkos 21700 batteries.


I brought two of them. I wonder if I should’ve opted for other batteries. I don’t have very high drain devices, more interested in capacity than high drain turbo usage.

Most probably it’s either from Lishen or BAK. Both manufacturers don’t provide any information about the chemistry.

my guess is INR, based on this post:

That are very old batteries, though. Not sure if they use DLG currently, in the last years they used Lishen and BAK.

Im not set up to rewrap… or I would remove the wrapper on one of the new batteries, to confirm if they are also INR chemistry.

They are decent. I would not throw them out but don’t expect miracles.

They’re likely based on NCA or NMC 811 for automotive grade cells.

its not a super high discharge battery so not more then 10 amps if that at best but does the job okay for their lights.

I’ve never heard of that before. I was just reading that ICR batteries require more care because they’re more dangerous/fire hazard than the IMR and INR, and it made me more uncomfortable.