X-ML de-doming method with 100% success?

Thanks scaru and Slewflash. Hope to see some pictures and understand more. This will be my first mod, hope that it is easy.
What is still worrying me is will the dome too slippery to hold on with plier? How much force to apply?
Do I need something between the dome and the plier?
Do I need to run the light for how many minutes to make it hot first before dedoming?

just stick a knife in a corning of the metal ring, then slowly lever it up.

Has anyone de-domed a Q5 for example?

Yeah, i have.
You can pull off the dome by gripping the metal ring with pliers.
Then you gently peel away the gel from the emitter.
Takes a while because the gel breaks up though.

I did a Q5, used a plier around the metal ring and with a tiny twist and pull motion the dome came of clean.
It has a super small beam now with a very yellow tint, not sure if I like it.

Also did a XML U2 in a p60 pill.
Ran it alone without any host for heat sinking until it got to hot to handle, then used tweezer and tiny screwdriver to poke the dome off.
Worked pretty good, just some small pieces left around the dye but I don’t think it should matter much.

I wrote a text about how dedoming works here.

Does anyone have a comparision of a T6 3C LED before and after? I wonder how the color changes..

I wanted to let you guys know that I apologized to viffer750 in pm about doubting him about this de-doming. After seeing rikr’s de-domed X6, I am a believer.

Viffer750 accepted my apology. But I still want to apologize again to him here.

I am sorry I doubted you Viffer750. You were right. I was wrong.


Classy move, ILF.

Hi all,

I’ve been visiting this site for quite a while now and turned member just recently.
Lots to see and read here. :nerd_face:
Noticed that your favourite de-doming method seems to be using a sharp and thin blade…

Very good result have also been achieved by soaking the Led in gasoline for 24 hrs.
I learned this from the German Flashy site, Taschenlampenforum.de.
I have done this twice now, once on a Small Sun ZY-T03 and once on my Trustfire X9 (both XM-L).

After soaking, the Led simply fell of. No further actions required.
The light has changed from a rather cool to a neutral to slightly warm white and the spot is much smaller.
In fact, my X9 (2.8A) now easily out-throws my Catapult VII XML. :bigsmile:

Easy peasy, soak and let gravity do the rest.


Welcome to BLF! I wonder whether denatured alcohol would do the same thing.

I've tried lacquer thinner - didn't work so well. It works, but the dome becomes too brittle and required micro-surgery-precision silicone nitpicking. I don't recommend this method.

Will try petrol, sounds easy, and it's readily available. Thanks Nicolaas, and welcome to BLF!


The Germans have also tried nail polish remover and a special silicone remover.
Both methods worked, although using nail polish remover resulted in the Led dome crumbling, leaving
some tiny, hard pieces behind.
Trying to remove these with, for instance, a swab can result in damaging the electric wires……
The soaking method is now the most popular method with the German flashys: the more refined the gasoline,
the faster it is.


The plastic insulator of some wires tends to swell up after a prolonged gasoline bath…….leaving it to dry out for a day or so solves that issue just as easily, so don’t worry, just do it! :wink:


See, the Germans knew! To think kreisler and nightcrawl never told us about this... I'm beginning to question their loyalty.

Actually I (kinda) did:

I tried acetone and gasoline and acetone works better.. about 30minutes.

kreisler didnt know about that, he doesnt post in TLF because he prefers to troll on an international level.

hi all… i had a dead ultrafire wf-502b… i figure out why not practice with that since it’s busted anyway
i used a small plier and it works just fine… now my question is… did i pulled more than i what i should?

what is those yellow stuff that comes out with the dome?

… now i’m waiting untill someone know what it is… before i pull from the good one :bigsmile:

The yellow stuff is the phosphorous, it makes the light white rather than blue. If that LED was still working it would be a very blue LED.

unfortunately that was a fried driver … so i had no idea if it works or not… so you’re saying i should cut the dome instead pulling it with needle nose plier?

Drop the LED in acetone or gasoline, it will dissolve the silicone and the dome will just fall off. Shaving is also an option, but it requires work and time.