XHP35 boost driver help needed

Guys, this is the moment when I need to ask.
Searched a lot but failed to find answers. Either poor searching (most probably) or I’m missing something.
Being encouraged by H2-C driver from KD I felt like going further. 1.5A it gives makes my lights (Manta Ray C8.2 and Jax Z1) just warm. It feels like the hosts can take up more heat. At least for these few minutes. But I find it difficult to find more powerful drivers.
Are you guys familiar with more powerful drivers for XHP35?
I’d rather have one ready to use, as I’m not feeling ready to mod the driver itself.
1S/2S acceptable.

You can do a resistor mod to increase the current with the H2C. I did some testing and got 2.37A to the LED and it worked alright with 2s, but was not stable with 1s. See this post and thread.

I don’t think there are stock boost drivers that do more than 1.5A.

The H2-C is good for at least up to 2.5A before stepdown when fed with 2S cells, and for sure it'll do at least a bit more but no one experimented with higher current output values. See Jensen567's Buck and Boost Drivers, Testing, Modding, and Discussion thread.

With regards to drivers with super high stock current output values, this is something which we'd need some driver manufacturer to assess. As a rule they stick to maximum specified driving currents for the target emitters, which is understandable but maybe modder insufficient with what it entails concerning component selection.


Thank you guys. unfortunately soldering tiny electronic parts is beyond my capability. Neither have skills nor required devices. Needles to say that without picture after picture guide I could still do nothing even having surgeon’s hand and top notch soldering toys.