XHP35 HI 3000k look and feel

I gonna attempt my first BLF A6 mod when my emitter/pcb gets here. I ordered this one.

It looks like it's already dedomed? I was just wondering what to expect in terms of the tint and shape of the beam? Will it be a rosy tint? Will there be more of a hot spot?

XHP35-hi is factory domeless. Pretty nice LED.

What driver are you going to use?

Driver? I never thought much about the driver yet. Is there one I should use and order? I figured the stock one’s ok cuz this led is 3V?

You might want to read the XHP35 datasheet…


Read TA’s test here

Great! Thanks for the lead. :slight_smile:

I decided to use this driver H2-C. What you think? Ok to use?

Bro...don`t wanna sound like ahole but have you read any of the specs of the BLF A6 and the driver and emitter?

No sorry I haven’t gone into the details yet and I will but as I’m on a buying frenzy online now, I need to do all my shopping today and no more. What I do know so far is 3v…3v everything so I picked the XHP35 HI and the H2-c driver.

The problem with the H2C driver is that it’s too big for the A6. It is 22mm I think and the A6 takes a 17mm driver. I don’t know of many good 17mm boost drivers. Mtnelectronics has one but it’s out of stock and expensive.

And in case you weren’t aware, the xhp35 is a 12V LED which is why you need a boost driver. This fact makes it more difficult to use this LED in general.

The xhp35hi is a 12v led. So I don’t really get what you’re saying. The driver and led work together though, so thats nice. Unfortunately they won’t fit in the blf A6. The driver in the A6 is 17mm and the one you bought is 22mm.

I bought and used the same led. Used it to replace the stock xhp35 hi in my sofirn C8G. Great led, very warm (duh) and tint seems consistent.

You beat me to it hahaha!

Damm now you tell me! O:) ;) . Now I have an extra H2C laying arouund! Ah well, I'll keep it for my next mod project! }) Ok so after much carefull researching O:), I've gone and ordered

and this


Hate to break it to you, but that led won’t work either… its not a 3V led

Lol, you’re having a bit of a nightmare.
There is a 3V version of the XHP50.2 but it’s generally stated in the title, if it doesn’t say 3V then it’s probably the other version, which will need either 6V or 12V depending on how the MCPCB is configured.

Also, the 35 hi and the 50.2 are quite different beams, the 50.2 is much floodier. Any particular reason you’re favouring the XHP series?

There is a 3v version of XHP50.2 but the common version is 6v

Just greaat!!lol. Well I was thinking the XHP's because it would be a nice upgrade to stock XP-l. That's why I'm thinking of the XHP's but guess not.lol

I think these are ok now?


using either

FX 17A

or this


Both of those would work.
What do you consider an upgrade, more power? More throw? More flood? Better colour rendition?
Generally you can’t have it all (i wish we could!) so it’s good to know what your preferences are.

Finally! :student: Hey thanks for the heads up all. Well I’m growing fond of the 5A 4000k tint. I like how it feels and looks. I like the organic warm tint look. I’m curious about 3000k tints now. I also wanting more spill than flood. I’ll be using the A6 for around the house stuff. Therefore, I also want accurate color pickup.
Most of my other flashlights on order are in the 5000k to 6500k area. The A6 is my only 4000k flashlight.

Kaidomain is great! After a few 1 on 1 with Kaidomain, they have since cancelled my wrong orders and I have placed a correct order. :D.

Hey all just wanted to apologize for sounding so newbie in my above posts. Working O/T and trying to get all shopping done equals fatigue. Anyways had a good sleep, cancelled wrong orders, ordered correct…and threw in an Eamachine H8 mini drone into my cart too :slight_smile: :smiling_imp:…and extra batteries too! :sunglasses: