XHP70.2 vs XHP70.3 HI in a Convoy M3?

Hi guys I would like to fit a XHP70.3 HI LED to my Convoy M3, in the hope for a tighter hotspot and increased throw. I was going to buy the 20mm MCPCB version of the XHP70.3 from the Convoy store on AliExpress (10.36€ 31% OFF|Xhp 70,3 hi 45w 5200 lumen smd 7070 led emitter mit convoy dtp kupfer mcpcb taschenlampe diy hohe leistung| | - AliExpress) in the hope that it will be a drop-in replacement.

Has anyone else done this? Could I expect a big improvement in throw, like when comparing an XM-L to a XP-L HI emitter?

Are there any catches to swapping this emitter over? Eg: would there be any focus issues if I just swap the LED over and then screw everything back together?

Any thoughts are appreciated! Thanks, Ben.

No catches.

You’ll get improved throw with a slight loss of lumens, that is about it.

Sounds good BlueSwordM, thanks!

After reading about the differences between the XHP70.2 and the XHP70.3 versions of the Acebeam X75 (AceBeam X75 Review - 80,000 lumen monster!), I am not sure the swap is worth it now; it sounds like de-doming an XHP70.2 doesn’t increase the throw as much as it does on the smaller emitters.

It is 100% worth it.

The improvement in throw and tint is just worth it for better usability.

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If you want to do it for the science, then yes. If you don't have the time and you don't want to void warranty, then sell your XHP70.2 version and buy the XHP70.3 version using a coupon and earn acebeam.com reward points.

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Thanks again BlueSwordM. I just found the .pdf document Cree released when they retrofitted a XHP70.3 HI into a Convoy M3-C (“Convoy M3-C Torch Retrofit (XHP 70.3 HI) - Cree LED”) and their results confirm what you say.

Thanks LumenMax but I don’t have an Acebeam X75, I was just comparing the throw numbers between the 2 emitters as it’s the first light I found offering a version with both for a direct comparison. Sorry if my post wasn’t clear.

Are they any efficiency improvements between 70.2 and 70.3?

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Stephenk I don’t know, I didn’t look into efficiency differences.

Actually, Cree themselves already did it!
Here’s the write-up:

Very interesting, I thought the big manufacturers only intended their LEDs for stadium lighting etc, I did not know we were on their radar!

I’m looking at doing that swap on a Klarus G20L (XHP70.2 standard fit)- I’m waiting for the XHP70.3 HI to arrive. I ordered an “XHP70.3 HI M4 50G Neutral White 5000K CRI90” version. If nothing else the neutral with CRI90 should be better. (Not that I’m complaining about major colour temp/ CRI issues with the stock LED.) A distance improvement would be nice as there’s more than enough flood.

It’s a pity Cree didn’t do some more side by side pics in that PDF. It seems a bit pointless just spouting specs and not displaying the improvement visually with side by side pictures.

I got Simon to add 70.3 HI to the M3-C listing on AliExpress if anyone is interested. I already have a M3-C with a 70.2, so I will be able to do a direct comparison once mine comes in.

Any updates?

I want to modify and void the warranty of the X75 and replace it with 90 CRI for science.

https://assets.cree-led.com/a/da/x/Convoy_M3-C_Torch_Retrofit.pdf(link is external)

I have a question about the data in this PDF. It looks to me like CREE somehow had the the 70.3 HI emitter drawing 7.2A in the M3-C. Hank’s listing shows that both 70.2 and 70.3 emitters are only allowed 5 amps in the M3-C. Am I correct in thinking that the numbers shown in this PDF for the 70.3 Hi are irrelevant to the flashlight as Hank has it configured?

If that is the case, would it be an easy mod to allow Hank’s configuration to hit 8 amps?

I think the boost converter used in Convoy 6V drivers is only good for max 5A output on 6V. On higher battery voltages they might exceed that, but when switching current reaches 10A they are no more able to increase output. Used boost converter is some Texas Instruments model with switching limit of 10A if I remember right.

If wanting some more output, GT-FC40 driver uses MP3431. Then of course you need to adjust output voltage to 6V and also adjust or bypass input current limit, that is set to 10A. They should be good for 6V7A output, but inductor might need swapping for bigger one.

I think you’re misreading it; in the table on the third page it states that the test current is 2.1A for each emitter. This lines up with the 1600-ish lumens produced.

To me these columns seem to indicate different values for the amperage:

Peak Cd max current 27,339 (4.8A) 63,117 (7.2A)
Lf max current 3061 (4.8A) 4100 (7.2A)

Unless maybe they are meant to be theoretical limits?

That sounds pretty involved from my perspective. I think I’d have to hire that done at this point.

Well, it sounds hard, but I have managed it by just reading MP3431 datasheet and tracking necessary resistors with DMM without any prior electronics knowledge.