somebody have this already ?

must be great from zoomie lights?

bvb. UF-20 with dedome xbh on 2-3 Amp ?for better trow focus on +100 m ?

It is the same die size as a xp-g, just in a tiny package.


Cree XLamp XB-H LED Data Sheet - Cree, Inc.“:Redirect Notice

Looks like XP-E(E2)/XP-G(G2) dies are 3.45 mm square

the XQ-E looks more interesting for a zoomie. 1.6x1.6mm, so almost a xp-e2 in a smaller footprint.

I took some XB-H and XQ-E,

both very small!

the XQ-E is very small ;

in this week;) if I can prepare some modding! ;)

XM-L / XP-G / XB-H / XQ-E

No. XP-E and XP-G do not have the same die size. You are talking about the package size.

EDIT: oops, I meant to quote this:

correct…package size, both fit on the same solder pads on the board

FWIW I don’t think die size is specified in the datasheet. Scaru talks about some die sizes here though.

I wonder if the bond wire size is the same for the XB-H as the XP-G2?

Unfortunately I’m not seeing anything immediately useful to us here. Now if they were to cram that ~2x2mm XM-L2 die into the 3.45x3.45mm XP-series package… EDIT: oh nevermind, they are doing that now :wink: