XPG, XML, U2 and OP reflector questions

I am a newbie, learning about the portable lights.
I am a bit confused if I am following on the right concept, if any kind member here can help me out.

Are the XPG bulbs old technology and not as bright as the newer XML bulbs.
Meaning they produce a much smaller flood or hot spot? Looks like they max out at around 330 lumens.

The advantage of XPG is that they run on lower current thus runs less hot and longer run times than XML?

Does U2 mean the second generation on XML? Being U3 will be the latest XML?

With a narrower bean of XPG rated at lower lumens than XML, the resulting smaller hot spot can have advantage on better throw and will seem to be just as bright?
Whereas XML will win in brightness due to being much more floody?

An orange peel reflector give a much smoother and floodier beam pattern, whereas a smooth reflector concentrate on the ‘hotspot’ thus is more preferred as a thrower?
As for cool, neutral and warm light, this depends on the bin selection and suit each taste to their own, right?

I try to make myself clear on this, please contribute.

Why don't you check out these two links for some background reading. If you have any questions left after that tell me. :)



Hi rollee_. The last two pictures in the first post in ths link are of two identical flashlights. The only difference is the LED. XP-G2 and a XM-L U2


I am reading the posts, lots of information to digest.
Thanks, its very informative.