Xpg3 is this the same one ?

I can’t seem to find what the led links are talking about on the xpg3 as the guide talks about a g3 at 2000ma
But the xpg3 I find says 350ma and a lower fv of 1.99

The data sheet shows up to 2000 but on the test it says at 350
Does that mean it can’t go above 350 or does it mean I can drive it harder that’s just what they tested ?


XPGDPR-L1-0000-00G01 This is the right one ? They say 350ma and a lower fv than what I see on guides like

Just want a bloody bright flash light lol

350mA is a specified testing parameter from which a spec is determined, 2000mA is the manufacturers max recommended current to run the LED at.
But, this is BLF where people push the limits. Welcome :slight_smile:

Here is a test by a member proficient in testing LEDs, have a look to see how far he pushes an XP-G3:


LEDs come in different variants though, different bins, different colour temps and with tolerances etc so the test won’t exactly represent any XP-G3 you buy but it will give you a very good idea of what to expect.

Also, you can talk to us so we can help you figure out what a ‘bloody bright flash light’ actually is, show you some options of what’s available and advisable, point you towards reviews and the beamshots that say more than a thousand words, and even advise where you can buy from.

For example, i would recommend a different LED for a bright single AA light than for a bright 21700 direct drive Li-ion light because they have very different power requirements.

For a reference point, what torches do you have experience with?

That’s amazing buddy Thankyou so much, compared to you guys I’m a newb lol shhhh
I have a few I can’t remember ready baught though but I have made a 480watt led grow panned for the reef tank with bridge lux strips

We’re using a lezyner torch atm and before that halogen floods

I’m looking for a deep red for rabbit hunting at night so illuminating 40meters would be good like these coyotes killer vids on YouTube

I don’t mind if I need to plug to a car battery or other as LI scares me had a battery pop my pocket and bloody hell so if I can plug it in or battery power it old school is prefere it
But I just need the red led and ability to focus/zoom the light I guess as well as flood

The xpg3 seems to be the killer used in the fenix lights etc so I opted for that it’s also similar for a red booster board I made using xpe leds that was 4 led ran at 500ma for lighting the Emerson effect at 740nm and the driver board was 20w max I believe and ran on a mobile phone charger lol

I have rabbits they see me I don’t see them and I got me rifle but I am blind by the time they come out
My lads new to hunting and loves tek like us all so if I can wow factor the red haha I’d be happy making it look like hell came to everyone’s door mwahahaha

Convoy sells lights w red LEDs:

you can learn to use LiIon safely… sorry to hear you had one blow up… that is extremely rare… you might have a special talent… lol

What high cri things do you sell

Ok so the xpg3 red chips I got for the reef tank are all the same there not 3w and 10 w all the same damn good I almost orders them 10w for triple price lol

So the torches use 1 chip ? Really that and illuminate a field ? Would it not be better if I can like 6 softer or hard still ? Football stadium style !? Haha

Driver is my issue then that’s what I need but it’s strange like I can do a reef strip light with fv etc but I feel lost on a torch I fee I miss a vital things throwing me off

Am I buying a driver based on it’s ma wattage or voltage I don’t know they seem to list it all and I can’t find out what the torches I’m looking at are running at non say 20w led they just say the throw and lumens
I seem to be able to find out what chip they use but not what driver lol

Albaba won’t deliver here to me so I use eBay and Amazon which are few and far or rocket priced
I really have xpg3 chips so if I can utilise them that’s great
They run on my reef on a small puk driver so was a no brainier followed guides


Soma y xpg3 but doesn’t say exactly what different ones are just that horticulture use them is any 1 better than the previous ?

If you can advise me what to buy to get high powered
Chip and driver and il go li battery if I need to

I have some g3 but no idea what there eBay so I bet fake lol at £2 a pop on mouser il order 10 if you tell me to lol
Vid guide and build from a noob in return for the forum

Pushed for time so keeping this short, but torches can have multiple LEDs in them, as LEDs have diminishing returns with higher power more LEDs will be more efficient at higher currents.
But single LEDs can be very capable and should easily provide a solution for 40m distance, and some single LEDs actually have multiple dies of smaller LEDs combined in one package.

LEDs are constant current devices so want a driver that can deliver the right current at the right voltage. LEDs we commonly put in torches are generally classed as 3V, 6V and 12V, with 3V being the most common. That’s nominal voltage though, they can run higher and lower than nominal voltage.

Convoy, who sell from Aliexpress, have delivered to me in Devon, as have Sofirn. Not sure why they wouldn’t deliver to Surrey? I also buy from Kaidomain.

If you can wait til next week i have a couple of white XP-G3s you can have as well as a couple of 17mm drivers for them and a high-cri SST-20 to get you started.

In relation to your other thread about the red XP-E2, the XP-G3 is brighter but with the same optic it will spread it’s light over a wider area so won’t have the same intensity as an XP-E2, and intensity is what counts for throw/distance. To get the same intensity as the E2 you will need to give the G3 a lot more power than the E2.
It’s also worth knowing that brightness (lumens) and intensity (lux) numbers aren’t linear, 2000 lumens won’t seem twice as bright as 1000 lumens and won’t reach twice as far. And while the difference between 1600 and 1800 lumens may sound significant i certainly won’t be able to see a difference unless i’m comparing them directly side by side, and even then the difference is minor.

Just found this lol amazing info so sorry I got lost
Yes just as my reef lights I run 14 strips at 700ma rather than 10 at 1000ma for the efficiency parameters .
I’ve orders a convoy c8 to get going but defiantly interested in what you have coming a lot I love building and learning and led lights Torches are all like kids toys we never get old for if I can be like boom brightness at nightness and get wow I’d be happy lol
If I can light my allotment up and work nights bonus lol