YLP Gryphon G180 review with measurements (9*XP-G2, 3*18650)

Sample photo from nature.

Pairs of photo have differences in White Balance for compare only light distribution and wide of spot. Left column - Nichia wich WB=5000K, Right column - Samsung with WB=4150K


Gif from this:

Same photo as before, but all in one White Balance = 5000K, for real color of light comparation:


Nice high quality photos. Too bad the LH351D isn’t being driven harder cause the lux would be a lot more comparable that way.

Is there any resistor mod or something that can be done easily?

Table in previous post in lux, not lumens. Samsung have more wide beam and with same lumens from flashlight have less lux in one point.

I understand but still the LH351D can be driven much harder than either of those LEDs and considering they are under a TIR and not a reflector I suspect the Samsung would equal the Nichia lux at some point even with it being more wide of a beam.



From your lux it seems to be catching up slowly. Maybe it wont be as drastic but still the harder it's driven the closer they get in lux

Nichia Samsung
8810 5690 0.645857
5920 3720 0.628378
2070 1271 0.61401
458 288 0.628821
15.08 17.76 1.177719

Those are very professional comparison shots. Very helpful! I always thought the LH351D driven the same would be brighter than the 219C. Do you have a way to test the lumens?

When G180 with nichia leds will be available?

I hope this flashlight becomes available on more sales platforms soon. I’m really interested in buying one. :wink:

It is brighter overall but the light is less concentrated in the middle.

Looks like a pretty decent light! I’m kind of avoiding 3x18650s now through, prefer the 4*18650 as I have a few sets i can re-use on several lights.

@Maukka: Have a question about your effifacy - you mentioned Acebeam and Olights are pretty good, do you have a website or some spreadsheet where I can see a summary of all your efficacy values? Interested in knowing between Acebeam, Olight and Zebralight, which are the best ones.

Has anyone tried to order this flashlight recently? The webshop of YLP is available in Russian language and currency only and I don't see any contact e-mail address on their webpage. I know they offered their flashlights on their website in US dollars and English language some weeks ago.

If anyone has a direct contact address I can write to, I'd be more than happy.

excelltn review


they have to sell this light outside Russland
ask them direclty here info@YarkiyLuch.ru

I love this torch=) My is running on Samsung LH351D HICRI now :P

and this is how it shines

Ooh, that’s very nice!

I have already ordered one
Shipped from Russia today
Have some discounts

I really like the look of this light. :+1:

Could someone provide some photos of the driver?

I’ve been secretly hoping for more 3x18650 lights. I love my MF01 and my pair of Q8 but they’re hefty.

3x18650 won’t be small compared to most edc lights but if you’re looking for a long runtime and sustained power they look great. With the variety of emitters that you could use, there’s bound to be a design that would fit most applications if the designers get creative. More mass than a single 18650 light would help with heat and the battery capacity is just a bit shy of twice what a 26650 can provide. A great combination in my book.

Thanks for the review!

After reading this thread, I couldn’t resist so I contacted them directly about sale to the US. Same day they sent an invoice, it arrived on my door yesterday. Whole transaction took 9 days. Really like this light and the holster is unique and functional.

It’s great that you have both of these to compare. Which light throws farther and brighter?
Can we please see beam shots?