Youtube channels of BLFers and family

I have a youtube channel, but just to have something to upload the video’s that I use in BLF posts. Although I always add a title that makes more or less sense, most video’s are not meant to be watched without the context of the accompanying BLF post.

Thanks for doing this, Miller!

I have a little channel where I upload mostly flashlight reviews and some DIY mods.

Here’s a link:

I’m making an effort to upload more consistently. Hopefully one video per week from here on out.

Not much on flashlights yet but planning on doing more.

My channel is a random assortment of anything I’m interested in at that point in time. A few lights, some knifes along with tools, electrical/electronic basic stuff.

YouTube channel

Here is something those of you just getting started might be interested in :)

Some of you might already know my YouTube channels (in my sig).
There’s one dedicated to reviews (not so much lately)
The other one is my personal channel, you’ll find flashlight mods, and various DIY stuff along with silly motorcycle related vids and spudgun experimentation :smiley:

Wheres the motorcycle stuff hidden?

My signature was not exact, you can check it again :slight_smile:

EDIT : a bit of my summer holidays back from 2015 with my wife

Cool will update the OP tonight!

I have a youtube channel.

Yes I know……

My videos are crap.
Most of them are not interesting.
I dont appear in the videos. I dont show my face.
I dont say anything… just music or ambient sound.
The video quality is bad.
Dont have pro nor semi pro camera: I use the phone.
I dont have nor tripod nor proper illumination.

Yes… they are crap.

But……. I put a lot of effort on it. But…. XP

It is very hard to be a youtuber specially when you dont have the TIME to make things perfect…. edit videos like a pro etc… Also my economical situation does not allow me to purchase a camera… just the phone… (yes I have a cheap tripod travelling from china… hope that improve the new videos)

About monetization: I started the channel almost a year ago. I dont know how the people can earn money with youtube.

As I said… after almost a year… still not possible to reach the minimun amount to receive a payment. Minimun is 100$ (70eur) and I only have less than 20$. (I can take a screenshot and put here)… so it will take me about 4 years to be able to reach minimum and get the first pay…


Congrats to all of you that are going well with youtube.

Just a matter of luck… sadly for me

Nice post samgalax, my videos are similar but I’ve been slowly progressing over several years now.

I’ve made sod all from YouTube (maybe £100) so it’s a hobby I can take or leave, I like to think I am helping somebody out there. A career it ain’t!

I’m now using a 4K camera, and I have just started experimenting with super basic titles and transistions but otherwise, still a bit boring and niche, still no face and still very basic but it’s a long road.

My personal advice, (if you chose to listen from someone with a small channel himself!) is that videos without talk will struggle unless short and specific. Don’t start multiple channels, I won’t sub to many multi channel makers. Even the big ones I do, nutnfancy, eevblog, get rubbish interaction compared to the main. On a small channel it just takes away imo.
Do videos even if you think they won’t get anywhere, all my biggest views are on videos I didn’t expect to get many, one of mine is simply taking apart an air rifle!

Here is mine
zeremefico's tech channel - YouTube?

Flashlights and some video games:-)

You do link to the posts in your video description?
Well if you want to have it added just post the link here :wink:

Others, it should be up to date now, feel free to ask for chances in description or smomething.

Don’t start a YouTube channel to make money. It’s that simple.
If you do it for pleasure, and understand that it’s more about giving, sharing rather than receiving then you’ll be happy.

Yeah this is like I think about it too.
And must start a channel now with the bees and start of spring.

Subbed to all
X3 did you shot a camera into the air? What did you use?

Subbed you back The Miller, now you gotta make some vids :sunglasses:

Hahaha yeah big surprise there, I didn’t even know I had a channel
Will start soon, my wife had a nice name Millerworks wanna do it about what I do so learning gardening, maintaining the mill, beekeeping, some flashlight, knife and tool reviews.
Will post it when got it started and add it in the OP inline with GE rest.

It is cool
I subbed to all and activated notifications
Most had not had that and VOB your video’s are awesome, I like your attitude and are amongst one of the first to see then and like!

Here is my channel, only 1 video for now. I picked up a new Xtronic soldering iron and really liked it, it is my second. I hope to start doing a few with flashlights and maybe a couple of driver build videos, for those who have not see a driver reflowed… it is kinda cool!

Thanks Matt