Zanflare T1

Does anybody know to get the Zanflare T1 lantern. I know it’s discontinued however I want a replacement one.

It is not available anymore, you’re some years too late. You can just hope for a used one.

Recently a very similar and most likely better lantern was released by Sofirn, the LT1s:

If you’re willing to pay the price:

For a Prime member, it knocks $5 off. IIRC, $15 was what originally GearBest charged for the T1.

I bought a couple with “Minpory” branding when they dropped to $10, but those, and the “OHLUX” are NLA.

These all come from the same factory. Look closely at the photos, and it’s evident that the Zanflare logo hasn’t been completely removed, and remnants still show.

Every information you can find is collected here:

That minipory was a good deal .

I had that bookmarked when it popped up 4 months ago and then it popped more up a couple months ago ...and I'm guessing that's all folks .

My zanflare T1 failed to tint ramp almost day one but everything else works fine .I contacted gearbest but that was when they were waning and it didn't yeild and reasonable response so I just shrugged it off .

Kicking myself for not grabbing a couple more when I could ...A swing ...and a miss

ebay maybe

takes 20 sec to find out

Good comparison. We have half a dozen T1 at home and love them. Got the LT1S the other day and pretty happy with it. 21700 so better capacity, three levels of red which is the main LED I use in both.