Zebralight 502D vs. Black Diamond Icon for close-up work

I don’t get throw for a headlamp and I don’t get primarily needing throw for hiking?

I need to see what’s around me. IF there is a need to momentarily see something way ahead I’ll carry a separate handheld thrower.

I don’t get super bright lights for hiking either. They don’t last long or have to be bulky. They kill your peripheral night vision as well. Different strokes for different folks however :slight_smile:


I wan MAXIMUM flood from a headlamp so I can see everything very well around me for about 10-20 feet. That's it. Beyond that I have handheld flashlights, and can always put on a headband with a flashlight, which will kill any headlamp in throw.

Setting up a tent I loved the ZL602... just tons of even light so I can see everything clearly in front of myself.

Also personally I prefer not to use headlamps on my head... rather just clip it to the shirt pocket.

That’s pretty much what I did Brad, but the torque of separating apart the plastic front & back was intense, enough to throw the lamp out once the plastic separated.

And Inf. Equitas, if you actually saw the seamless plastic/cardboard sandwich this thing comes in, you would see inserting a sharp knife into the “side” of this and trying to move the blade around this “side” would almost certainly guarantee you cutting yourself

Rojos, I can understand you scratching your head. “Hiking” means many different things to different people. Just look at the difference in the answers from TSellers (obviously a SERIOUS “hiker” carrying a serious arsenal of flashlights!) and gcbryan, who makes some good points about what you really need to see when “hiking.”

Most of my hiking is walking at night through well-marked nature trails, either mountainous or wooded, not far from my home in the rural area I live. Twice a year, we go camping in rougher terrains and maybe climb up boulders or down canyons from twilight to bedtime. I agree with gcbryan that in those situations, I mostly need to see what I’m stepping on, what’s around me, and maybe 50 yards out in front of me, not so much what’s 200 yards ahead. But I want my hands free, so whatever I choose would have to be head-mountable…it really changes the “hiking” experience if I have to keep holding something in one of my hands and pointing it places.

Based on that statement, gcbryan, what would be your favorite long “thrower” handheld flashlight that can be “put on a headband with a flashlight.” I’m assuming you mean thrower flashlights that are small/light enough to be fastened in a headband.

Just a heads up, the Zebralight might be inadequate for hiking at twilight. It’s been my experience that full flood headlamps like the H502 don’t have enough throw to light up the ground at your feet unless it is completely dark. It is inadequate in transition light conditions even on the highest mode. The light just kind of disappears after four or five feet.

You’ll probably need to supplement the ZL with something a little throwier to handle twilight hiking. Not that you’ll need a “thrower” per se, just something throwier than the ZL.

If weight is an issue I don’t carry a “thrower” at all. I have a (1) 18650 light similar to P60 size that I put an aspheric lens in. I keep it in a jacket pocket when that minor weight isn’t a problem. I wouldn’t use any “thrower” on a head band.

I also have a single AA “lipstick” size light that I put an aspheric lens in as well. It’s not a tremendous thrower but it’s very small and does throw. Especially when compared to a ZL-51f on the lower settings that I would use when hiking in the woods and still preserving my peripheral vision.

It just depends on what you are doing. If I was rock climbing at night I might actually want a thrower headlamp but I don’t usually rock climb at night and if I’m just descending then a regular headlamp is fine.