Zebralight SC64c LE with LH351D NOT high CRI

> Light Master III

I emailed the company asking about purchasing in USA

they replied, “we are the European distributor… contact the main office in China”

so I wrote to Opple China… will share if they tell me how a USA customer can buy Light Master III

Just to keep you updated: I was in contact with NKON about this issue. They say they weren’t aware of this problem. I returned my 2nd H503c (purchase date April 2021) to NKON and they refunded instantly.

Both H503c were from the same batch that NKON received in March this year. They couldn’t tell me when to expect a new shipment of H503c headlamps with the correct Samsung LH351D high CRI emitter.

received Opple… it correctly identifies Low CRI
this is a NW XM-L2:

duv –0.0019


the device is new to me, I may be making mistakes using it
so far it seems to be reasonably good at CCT and CRI Ra
not sure I believe the Tint calculation yet… it shows the XM-L2 as having tint below BBL… that suprises me, but, maybe it is true

it also shows a rather low frequency, and this is a light that creates banding in photos, the way PWM does… so maybe it is also doing OK at calculating flicker… not sure I understand it yet

bottom line, if someone had this device and wanted to know if their Zebra is High or Low CRI I do believe the Opple can be trusted to answer that question.

I bought it here
(not affiliated)

Novatac w Cool White SSC-P4 LED

correctly measured at 6500+K and 65 CRI Ra:

duv 0.0048

at this 7 lumen output, there seems to be no slow flicker:

Thanks for testing this. I’m going to pick one up and I’ll make some comparisons with the results from my Hopoocolor spectrometer.