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Just a taste of the BS so you don’t have to waste your time going to their site…

“Flashlight AK-91 is really powerful tactical flashlight. Lumen output 18000 lumens, beam range 14 kilometers”


Thank you for pointing out this issue. But we really don’t do this for BS.

We haven’t tested beam range in real, all values are given by the manufactory Trustfire. We will ask about this beam range from the Trustfire, how they have measure it and how close or far it’s from a real. And fix this value after we get information from them.

Still this model is really powerful flashlight, we have a one sample at the office.

Best regards,
Sales | Zunelli.com

You are shitting me, 14 kilometers beam range! that has to be like, galactic record :D

One battery charge will last you lifetime

and that is before discount for BLF... (99.87$ with discount)...

I’m sorry, but for a shop that specializes in flashlight related products, you are making it completely obvious that you know absolutely nothing about the product you are trying to flog.

…btw, thanks for the new signature quote :beer:

Hi zunelli, apart from the wrong specifications, your flashlights are 2 to 3 times (!!!!!) as expensive as the same flashlights elsewhere (dx, Fasttech, BG, GB etc.). And they all offer free shipping.

I know it is difficult for a small company to make a profit, but the way it is now, you will sell zero flashlights to folks on this forum.

AK-91 listed as 4300 lumen 1000m range on Trustfire´s homepage

There are really good points which we really have to work out. Thank you for those.

Prices are higher than cheapest offers in the markets. There are two reasons for that. We sell full packets with all accessories, usually in a nice gift box. Bare flashlights are coming when spare parts comes for sale also and those have much lower prices naturally. Fast parcel delivery isn’t also cheap but it’s so much safer for the customers. And orders can be tracked all the way. We are also quite small player which set lot of challenges for the pricing.

Lumens are maximal output values for each led or set of led. We have to use that given information. We have asked for candela and candela/lumen ratio values for the flashlights to get better information, real lighting power.

Given beam range for this by Trustfire is amazing but again, we can’t test this by ourself. Sadly they are rather given better than real values, all manufactories. We also did ask about those beam ranges and how those are measured.

We really will work with all the attentions you all have given to us.

Thank you again. All feedback are really helpful for us.

All products shipped from China? What carrier do you use for shipping?

We use DHL, UPS and EML parcel services. It depends which company have next pick up.

Let’s continue with the Trustfire AK-91 as an example;

The Trustfire website advertises it’s performance as 4300 lumen, 1000m range.

Zunelli advertize the same light as “18000 lumens, beam range 14 kilometers”, even though “all values are given by the manufactory Trustfire”.

The light is available elsewhere for less than $100, but Zunelli are charging $179.90, plus $4.95 shipping.
Included are some questionable cells & a undesirable charger , which, if one desired, can be purchased for a little over $40.00

That leaves us with a ~$40.00 “gift box”.

I say again:

I understand this… But as potential buyers, what reason is there for us to buy from you rather than with a known established dealer?

Price sure isn’t it, that’s established already. How about credibility? Well, the rather ridiculous claims of that light give us the answer of that. Either you don’t know what you are selling or you are deliberately trying to affect the Chinese lumens inflation rate. Either way, credibility is not very high.

So what reason is there left to buy from you?

Send me one for testing and I will confirm or deny the truthfulness of your claims :bigsmile: