How to check the winning ticket numbers on an Exduct Raffle

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How to check the winning ticket numbers on an Exduct Raffle


How to check the Exduct Raffle Winning Ticket Numbers

The following procedure is explaining how BLF members can check themselves, what the winning numbers/who the winners are. There is no actual need for participants in doing so, since I always do that myself and announce the winners in this thread. But it's always good to double check and some members are eagerly awaiting the results. Wink

I will explain the procedure on the example of the 7th raffle.

1) Look how many participants are taking part in this raffle after the participation time has ended in the according thread. In this case there are 12 participants.

2) Wait for the numbers (first 5) to come in. In this case they are:

So the number string for is 1418282957

3) Go to and select "Number", "Integer Sets", "Advanced Mode". (direct link here)

Change 1, 2, 3 accordingly where 2 is the number of participants and 3 is the entry from step 2) . Press the "Get Sets"-button

4) The results should look like this:

Random Integer Set Generator

Here are the sets, generated with randomization based on persistent identifier 1418282957:

  • Set 1: 1, 3, 5, 6, 8

Timestamp: 2012-09-30 12:07:17 UTC

5) Compare the winning number with your post # entry in the according participation thread.

If the participation thread ever gets messed up by spam, or people not following/understanding the rules, the organizer might give out optional ticket numbers. So these have to be used instead of post numbers.

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Thanks for explaining Vectrex, pretty simple once you know how Smile