Update: 10-22-17. KRONOS K70 GB. $50. 243 on list!

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JasonWW wrote:
Yes, everyone is raving about the C8F. The only reason I haven’t bought one is because it’s not available in cool White. Now they are making it with a 21700 battery size. I think I’m going to buy that one even though it will probably be neutral white only. […]. Thumbs Up

I just bought a C8F host (comes with the MCPCB) and driver from them, and reflowed my own choice of emitters onto the MCPCB. It was a pretty easy build.

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Chatika vas Paus wrote:
JasonWW wrote:
It should be xhp70.2 and 2 × 26650. About a 3” diameter head with side switch. That is the basic K70/S70 and Convoy L6 design.

This is already boring. Maybe 3x xhp70 + xhp35 HI, powered by 3× 26650 in side by side config?

I somewhat agree with Chatika. If we are going to build a light, lets do something unique. Most people already have a L6, L2 or something similar that already fills this category in my opinion.

How about a mix between a L6 and a MT09R… triple XHP70.2’s with Narsil, light up metal side switch, and no tail switch.

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In my opinion in order to have credence to the BLF logo, the new light thread should be run by BLF member(s).

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The reason why we came up with the K70 is because the heat sinking is much better then on the S70/L6. We wanted a light that could stay on high for a long period of time. The original build was going to be a hyped up S70 with a possibility of an SMO reflector.
Then every one decided to go for better cooling and heat dissipation. The LED shelf is meant to be 8mm thick. I think the driver got up to about 8amps.

The perfect light here would be the K70 with a direct drive or a high current linear driver and XHP70.2 so we can get around 6-7k lumens.

I prefer this style of light over the sodacan lights. This style of light are easier to hold and have a better beam profile my stock L6/S70 is better at lighting up a field then the MT03 because you are not wasting as much light.

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Hi guys, thanks for JasonWW, we started a new topic here for a special light you want, let’s see if we could make it together!

Sofirn is owned by a factory, contact us for any lights you wanna make or contact to be a dealer.

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In for 1.

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sleasys14 wrote:
In for 1.

The Kronos light is not being made.

If you are looking for a similar light, you can go to the link in the post above yours and subscribe. This link.

It maybe end up being even better than the Kronos. Big Smile

My Convoy L6 thread with XHP70.2, Texas Avenger FET driver, Narsil v1.2 ramping firmware (old), lighted side switch and cut down SMO reflector. Lots of amp draws on stock driver as well. 

My Supfire L5-S thread with XHP70.2, 26350 cells (4,100 lumen!), Texas Avenger FET driver, NarsilM v1.0 ramping firmware and lighted side switch. My mini L6! 

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