Sofirn SP70 Alone $50, PM for AMZ US CODE(LIMITED)

Hey BLFers,

* UPDATE May 8, 2019 *

SP70 Alone only USD$50 with code, SP70 Bundle with great price with limited code.

Please contact or PM me now!

* UPDATE 03/29/2019 *

sofirn SP70 on aliexpress

You can preorder on aliexpress now, the sale price is US $61.59 for flashlight alone, but you add it into cart, leave a note of your BLF ID,

we will lower the price to USD$50. Orders will be shipped as soon as possilbe!


  1. the light is supposed to has 2 versions: one is sofirn SP70 for muggles, the other is sofirn SP70 - BLF Edition for flasholics. Sofirn SP70 is released first
  2. the light officially gives out 5500LM via normal 5500mAh 26650 batteries, while it gives almost 7000LM via HD 26650 batteries and more than 7000LM via 21700 batteries, you need to purchase the batteries seperately.
  3. sofirn officailly suggest 5500mAh 26650 batteries for muggles. While flasholics can choose to use HD 26650 batteries which fit nicely, and 2* 21700 batteries can fit but really really tight, not good for the batteries and springs.

4. For those who are located in USA($50) and Germany(€50), we suggest you wait for FBA availability, same price and faster shipping.

5. A sample of Sofirn SP70 will be sent to Jason when the first batch is fulfilled. Then we can talk about a real BLF Edition. Maybe use smooth reflector, add retaining ring or move a bigger step forward for more leds and more powerful etc. It's possible but not sure.

Thank you for your patience!

* UPDATE 03/26/2019 *

SP70 is in anodizing factory now, you can preorder on aliexpress store soon, maybe the last day of March. SP70 will be available on amazon US and DE about two weeks later.

People who located in USA and Germany can wait for amazon inventory.

there are two options: 1. SP70 alone; 2. SP70 bundle: with 5500mAh 26650 batteries and USB charging slot

If you need HD 26650 batteries, it will be available soon too! You can add to cart by then.

We create this topic because we saw some BLFers want to keep the Kronos K70 Group Buy going. We would love to help make it but we never did a group buy before, hence we PMed JasonWW for suggestions and try to name it SP20 but we are suggested to do it by ourselves. Also we read the latest replies, some saying since BLFers already have L6 S70S, why don't we make it special?!

Cool, why don't we discuss here? Tell us what kind of special light do you want. The name won't be SP20 (we gonna make it as planned), you guys name it, talk about it, and see if it could be a group buy.

* UPDATE 07/10/2018 *

Okay guys, it seems we are all cool that it's a long light (2*26650 battery tube) with big head (one XHP70 emitter or more). But it seems BLF already have many big lights, but how would this be different?

Oh, please pick name first. A great name would help the talking.

* UPDATE 07/11/2018 *

Thanks for all those replies, so many ideas! some are really a big step for Sofirn for now to make really BIG monsters. We will make monsters but for now, let's keep it simple and fast.

A similar size of K70, same 26650 battery tube and same 9cm head ( a little bigger than K70's head I guess) for two kind of reflectors: one XHP70 reflector comes first, then multi emitters (3 XHP70 or 3 XHP50 or 3 XHP35 HI or combination, you name it.). It comes with forward clicky tail switch which accept 9A current. Two groups: mode group and ramping group. How is it?

* UPFDATE 08/14/2018 *

Once again to confirm other information. It’s much appreciated if anyone could help optimize for better reading.

1. size: 9cm big head, aluminum bezel
2. Smooth reflector, AR coated lens
3. LED: one XHP70.2, 5350-5700K emitter
4. 2*26650 long tube(sleeve for 21700),
5. tactical ring
6. Switch: tail forward clicky switch + side switch (with indicator as Q8)
7. Overheating Protection. Low Voltage Protection.
8. UI:
Tail switch to power on / cut off

Group 1 ( default )
When the light is on(the indicator on for 5s to show the battery power), press and hold the side switch, the brightness levels circle through low(50LM)-Med1(300LM)-Med2(1000LM)-High(3000LM), double click to Turbo(5000+LM), when encounter the brightness you need, release the side switch. Single click to Standby(the main led is off and the indicator is on), click again to turn on the main led. When on Standby, click the tail switch to cut off (indicator is off ), click tail switch again back to Standby, click side switch to turn on the main led. When the main led is on and you click the tail switch to cut off, click tail switch back on goes to the remembered brightness levels.

Group2 (Ramping)
When the light is on, long press to ramp, 2LM-5000+LM(150 levels, ramp from lowest to highest in 3 seconds, blink to remind reaching lowest or highest). Ramp again within 1.5s, reverse direction. Ramp again after 1.5s, keep the direction(same as Q8). Click to turn off the main led (Standby)

When the light is on or on Standby,double click to Turbo(5000+LM), click back to previous brightness or Standby.
When on Standby, long press(1s) to Moonlight(2LM), click back to Standby.
When on Standby, 4 fast clicks to lock out, another 4 click to activate.
When on Standby, 6 fast clicks to convert group, 2 blinks to confirm.
When on Standby, 8 fast clicks to Beacon (Lights up at 1000LM for half a second, pauses for 2 seconds, then repeats.) click goes back.

1.When light turn on, the indicator led shows Green or Orange or Red for 5 seconds to show power status. If the power is running out, indicator fast strobe in Red continuously.
2.When in Standby, the led is Green as locator in the dark. Click tail switch to cut off.




I like this form of 2x28650 K70/L6 than the short/fat light ,it more comfortable to hold with decent runtime. Hope the driver push 8-9A as K70 with a bit bigger(for throw) redesign head to look sexier.

Let’s call it HAL-9000 and it comes with a huge red COB led behind an aspheric lens :partying_face:
…nah…just kiddin’…

I’m not sure if this would ever make sense in conjunction with the K70 design but I would prefer following specs:

  • standardized battery tube 1x / 2x 21700 battery (short tube, long tube) to make it fit for different new Sofirn lights
  • exchangeable head unit (e.g. large reflector with one XHP70.2, multi-emitter reflector with three XHP35 Hi like the Sofirn C8F)
  • boost driver to maintain constant output with decreasing voltage
  • different bezel rings (crenelated, flat, “attack” steel bolts)
  • factory-bridged springs or better double-springs

I only own one Sofirn light at the moment, but their interest in BLF community feedback is quickly making them one of my favourite manufacturers.

My suggestion is to study Narsil and Andúril carefully when developing the UI for the SP20.

I realise that Sofirn might use a different microcintroller, and I wouldn’t expect all of the features of Andúril, but no manufacturer has managed to nail ramping the way Tom E and ToyKeeper have.

Sofirn’s factory and engineers could be the ones who build the BLF-LT lantern project into a production reality, with the firmware developed by Toykeeper!


(I used to play Doom.)

Just a note to Sofirn: Although this isn’t related to the SP20, DBSAR is definitely the person to contact about the BLF Lantern project:

It’s based on the BLF Q8, and if I understand correctly, Sofirn makes the parts for that? So it might be a good option to get Sofirn involved in the lantern project.

I liked the K70 project because it was going to be a beefed up/heavy duty light with a great ergonomic form factor:

The XHP 70 produced a lot of lumens out the front.

The larger head allows for a very usable mix of flood and throw.

The 26650 battery tube just seems to fit well in my hand and gives good run times.

So let’s take these strengths to the next level:

3 x XHP 70.2 or 50.2 (like a larger C8F)

3 x 26650 battery tube, thick wall, heavy knurling, extended run times

Oversized heat sink, wide spacing between fins for better airflow/heat dissipation.

I think this would be a winner!

I’ll vote for that. Have a regulated high mode that should be indefinitely sustainable heat wise, with turbo only accessible through double-click.

Maybe offer it as a 2 cell tube, since not many chargers will accommodate more than 2x 26650 afaik. Or am I wrong about that?

I am also for of 3x 26650.
And one (side) switch only.
Triple XHP70 or MT-G2 + XHP35 HI. Something similar to MF03.

How about BlueSwordM springs?

thanks for the interest in the BLF users Sofirn

Wow, that would be big and long light.

How about battery tube for 2* 26650 and coming 2 sleeves for 21700?
Same big head for two kinds reflector, one XHP70.2 or three XHP35 HI emitters

Let’s start with a price point, and let’s pick one appropriate to the BUDGET Light Forum.

The Kronos K70 was last looking at a group buy price of $50. I think that’s a good number to target. If we look at the Q8 as a model, MSRP would be, what, $75 or so?

Beyond that, a few thoughts.

1. Perhaps branch out into something other than CREE emitters.
2. Something 80+ CRI that doesn’t have a puss-green cast (ie, not Cree).
3. A driver running a derivative of a nice BLF firmware.
4. A driver using an AVR family chip to make flashing new firmware easy.
5. Largish driver cavity to allow higher power driver retrofits without needing to cram a 40-60w switcher in 17mm x10mm

In terms of general form-factor, picking up where the Kronos K70 left off is a fine direction to take.
I’ll also suggest a different direction. Either a hot-rodded SP33 or a hot-rodded SP33-sibling based on the 21700 battery form factor. Monster single emitter, or a triple or quad with something more modest.

If this is the direction, I’d like to see a groupbuy price point of >$40, MSRP of, maybe, $50.

Whatever it is, don’t make this mistake!

If you want something different than the Kronos k70 type light:

What about a soda can style triple 21700 in series, single xhp70 with a high power buck driver?

Since it is the first 2 day 26650 the range of the power supply then it should be within the scope of the ideal, if using a CREE XHP70.2 have 4500 lm is a long range, but also I want to have at least 800 meters that is just good. In addition, I expect it to have a low brightness light at its tail for emergency use, which can be easily found in the dark

Sounds great to me! But I don’t know how 26650 and 21700 will be manageable in the same battery tube even with adapters. 21700 cells will have a length of at least 70mm each. Those 26650 cells have a shorter length of approx. 65mm and may need magnets or soldered buttons on their pole to fit in a tube designed for 2x 21700. That means one needs to calculate a spring deflection of additional 10mm (5mm per cell) apart from the usual compression of the springs when inserting batteries into the tube.

It would be great if there were interchangeable flashlight heads for individual illumination needs:

  • one deep SMO reflector with XHP70.2 (comparable to the Convoy L6)
  • a triple SMO reflector with 3x XHP35 Hi (comparable to the C8F but bigger)
  • a flood optic array of carclo lenses like the Meteor M43 uses, e.g. 3x 10507 Carclo lenses each with 3 XP-L2 or LH351D emitter

So, in the end one could choose of three different flashlights with only one battery tube needed. Development costs might be a bit lower if all versions use the same battery tube. Constant output is something a lot of flash’oholics would appreciate, i.e. a very efficient boost driver or buck driver would be great even though costs may rise a bit. Moreover, ramping as e.g. in NarsilM will be a great advantage over fixed modes.

Let me throw in a suggestion as well. How about a design similar to Thrunite TN40S? 4x XHP35 HI, large head with 4 reflectors, running of 4x18650 with great heatsinking and UI, backlit metal side switch only. High output thrower with a lot of usable spill.