Convoy S2+ XPL-HI Clear short review

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Convoy S2+ XPL-HI Clear short review

Hy All,

Again, a very good Convoy flashlight came in my hands. Now I will briefly review the Convoy XPL + S2 HI-clear version. You can see the full review on my blog


Brand: Convoy
Model: S2+ XPL-HI
Emitter: Cree XPL-HI V2-1A/U6-3A/U6-4C/U4-7A
Luminous Flux: 1000LM/940LM/840LM/840LM
Color temperature: 6500K/5000K/4500K/3000K
Body material: alumínium
Lens: Glass with AR coating
Reflector: Aluminium (SMO)
Switch: Reverse clicky
Battery: 18650 li-ion
Mode: 5 (low, medium, high, strobe, SOS)

The Convoy S2 + XPL-HI clear version arrives in a gift box. This is the same box of color models.

The number of accessories increased. We get good quality wrist strap and stainless steel clip.

Handling the usual Convoy S series. Use reverse clicky switch. Its shape is the same as the colorful Convoy S2 + models.

The usual nanjg 105d driver gives us two mode group, 3/5 modes. Group1: low/medium/high, group2: low/medium/high/strobe/SOS. Its handling is exactly the same as the well-known S2, S2+ and S3 models.

The warmth is getting used to it. Now, the graph shows the measured values in all three modes.

Measured current:

There are three major pieces of the S2 + XPL-HI clear version.

In the head, the LED is perfectly centered.

The inner pieces are the usual. The difference is that you are now using a copper star.

The body did not change. The silver anodizing is very good quality and beautiful!

The tailcap has made some changes. Under the metal pushbutton there is a tiny LED, so it lights in blue when the flashlight is off.

Luminous Intensity measurement was a little surprised. The much narrower hotspot for the “new” Convoy S2 XPL-HI I thought would be much stronger. I was not right.
Measured values:
Convoy S2+ XM-L2 – 4356cd
Convoy S2 XPL-HI – 10968cd
Convoy S2+ XPL-HI – 10600cd

The outdoor photos were not left out.

The images clearly show that the S2 XPL-HI and S2 + XPL-HI clear illuminate almost the same distance. Better is the clear version due to the larger spill. It is in hand already in front of our feet, not just half a meter ahead. This can be seen in the photos.

I like this flashlight! Simon does something very well, because a bad quality or bad flashlight has not come to me. Value for money excellent for S2 + XPL-HI clear version!

Convoy S2+ XPL-HI on BangGood
Convoy S2+ XPL-HI on GearBest

Thank you for reading!

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Interesting review! I like the beamshot and range comparison Wink
I don’t have the S2+ clear, but it surely is cute too Thumbs Up

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Thanks for the review!

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Love the lighted tailcap! Another awesome flashlight from Convoy.

I’d rather use my flashlight around the house than turn on the lights.