NIGHTWATCH Seeker NS22 (XHP50.2/SST40 and SST20): discount code posted in op (XHP70.2 now available too)

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Frumious wrote:
After a month of ownership, here are my impressions of my Nightwatch Seeker NS22.

What I have:
1. Emitter: SST20-4000K-95CRI
2. Optional 21700 battery tube
3. Total cost: $25 including optional tube and free shipping to Alaska (with a discount code). It came with extra 0-rings, a lanyard, an extra rubber switch cover, an extra lens and a lens O-ring. There were no instructions but none are needed.
4. Battery: Sofirn 21700 40Amp 4000mAh (high drain/unprotected)

Why I purchased this torch: To try a high-CRI 4000K emitter. Most of my lights are 5000K-NW.

Here are my impressions:

Build: Feels substantial. It weighs 237g with this battery. (The similar-sized Astrolux C8 weighs 199g.)
Nice anodizing. Color is pewter-esque.
Reflector: Beautifully smooth, deep, small diameter (for a thrower).
The emitter is the smallest I have ever seen. A marvel. It is domed.
Four levels of light: Low, medium, high and turbo plus a bright strobe.
• Low is more like a medium than moonlight. It is a useful level.
• Medium is a big jump up in brightness.
• High is slightly brighter than medium.
• Turbo is slightly brighter than high.
UI: There are two modes to select from. They are described well by Lfatman on 1/22/19. Because high and turbo are so similar I selected the simpler UI (mode#2) which takes turbo out of the simplest sequence of button presses. (Turbo bump-up is still easily available with two quick half presses from L, M or H). It starts up in the last level you used before turning off the light.
Brightness: With the SST-20 emitter, high and turbo are not particularly bright, but bright enough for most uses short of search and rescue. I’m guessing turbo to be maybe 800 lm; High 600 lm; Medium 400 lm; Low 100 lm. These are just eye ball estimates.
Beam profile: Excellent: Very nicely defined and even across the beam. (It has a beam profile similar to my U-Torch 02.) There is minimal spill.
Throw distance: With this emitter throw is similar to other throwers I have that are rated around 600M.
Tint: I like the SST20 4000K-95CRI’s warm color. It is significantly warmer than my 5000K NW lights. It is pleasant and, yes, it makes colors pop.
Temperature: There are lots of deep cooling fins designed to dissipate heat and they do their job well: With the SST-20 emitter it gets mildly warm on high and turbo but not hot.
Handling: The four syringe-type flanges on the tail cap make this rear-switched light easy to use.
Portability: Overcoat pocket or cargo pants pocket. It has a good lanyard.
Run time: I recommend getting the optional tube for 21700 batteries. Only $3.

BOTTOM LINE: This is an easy-to-carry, well-built, practical, moderate distance, single-cell thrower. It is an excellent value. So good, in fact, it is tempting to buy another one (or two) with different, brighter emitters. If you don’t already have a single-cell thrower and are watching your wallet, buy this one. Buy it to use it. I will use it mine on hikes, on walks and for camping.

How fast does it dim?

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Will a standard C8 reflector fit the NS22? It seems that the NS22 reflector is slightly smaller.

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ControlTheController wrote:
Will a standard C8 reflector fit the NS22? It seems that the NS22 reflector is slightly smaller.

I no longer have a C8, perhaps some of us here can provide the answer.

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ControlTheController wrote:
Will a standard C8 reflector fit the NS22? It seems that the NS22 reflector is slightly smaller.

No, it will not work
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