Lexels 4444 Giveaway Winners CRX and bilakos10

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Lexels 4444 Giveaway Winners CRX and bilakos10

- join date before 01.07.2018 and 250 posts (active members, sorry for new ones maybe next GAW you can join)

- no discussion and only 1 post per member

- write a short message and which package you like to get

2 winners will be drawn by Random.org at 4444 counter or 12. Jan 2019


I will make a variaty of prices you can choose from, first drawn winner has priority

one rare light can be choosen, but I hope you understand you get a steal price even with an additional charge

free priority air mail shipping tracked (also 25€ insured if got lost)


6 packages with about 40€ average value of stuff laying around mostly unused and new or just reviewed

Charger plus 2 lights starter package
- review Miboxer C2-6000
- new Zanflare F1 NW
- review Sofirn SF10B CW CRI70

for CRI lovers
- new TIP 2017 CRI
- review Astrolux Ti3A Titanium Nichia 219C
- BLF348
- 2 new Eneloop AAA

18650 Package CW
- review Nitefox UT20
- new Vollision MR25-D CW

First 3
“I wonder why” that globe is floating in the air must be a bug as I own no photoshop

Powerful 18650 EDC
- review Nitecore EC23 CW

Headlamp package 1
- new Skilhunt H03 NW TIR
- NCR18650B
- LiitoKala Lii-100 boxed version

Headlamp CRI
- new Fireflies PL47 Nichia

if you like copper
with a reasonable additional charge of 100€ which is still a steal
new sealed Olight R50 Seeker copper (100-240V wall charger EU plug)
shipped fully insured with tracking

4444 draw result

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Random.org says

1. 10 not enough posts
2. 24 CRX
3. 24 sorry can only win one package
4. 45 not enough posts
5. 28 bilakos10

So CRX can choose one package he likes
bilakos10 Can choose primary if thats already gone secondary

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I’ll join! Thanks for the giveaway!

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Please count me in!

I’m a bit feeling like a kid in a candystore.

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Count me in please, I would love either of the “CRI” packages.

Beam me up!

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Please count me in, difficult to make a choice.

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Please count me in. Thanks for the gaw!



8 lives left

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Count me in for sure, so awesome and very generous of you! Congratulations on 4444! Beer

Whoops, just read the rules again, I’m DQ on post count Blushing I’m the quiet type

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In! I wish I won “for cri lovers” or “cri headlamp” package…

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I am in. Congrats Lexel on your post but most of all for your work that makes this forum shine Smile
If chosen any of the headlamps would do. Thanks.

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Im in. nice prices.

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Thanks Lexel for 4444 great posts and for bringing a new level to BLF and to some manufacturers, and for bringing us affordable “dream” drivers.

I’m in for the Nitefox UT20

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I’m in, thanks lexel! >4400 posts in just 25 months? Looks like I have some posting to do lol.

I’m in for the PL47, the H03 or the TIP CRI.

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Thanks, Lexel! Fireflies would be first choice or the CRI package looks nice too. All great offerings and we appreciate you!

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One question: do the winner have to pay 25$ in shipping to get the prize?

If shipping has to be paid to get the prize.. I will not enter. (I can not afford…)

If shipping is free.. then I am in.

If I win I want this pack:

for CRI lovers
- new TIP 2017 CRI
- review Astrolux Ti3A Titanium Nichia 219C
- BLF348
- 2 new Eneloop AAA

Thanks a lot!

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Mike C
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Nice giveaway! I’m in!

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Thanks for the giveaway, I am in!

for CRI lovers – new TIP 2017 CRI – review Astrolux Ti3A Titanium Nichia 219C – BLF348 – 2 new Eneloop AAA

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What a generous giveaway! I would be in probably for a headlamp


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Count me in for the PL47 Nichia, thanks for the giveawa!

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Congrats. I’m in, only if the shipping is free…

Selected package:

for CRI lovers – new TIP 2017 CRI – review Astrolux Ti3A Titanium Nichia 219C – BLF348 – 2 new Eneloop AAA


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Me in ,I’m easily pleased.

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Headlamp CRI
- new Fireflies PL47 Nichia

thank you for the giveaway

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I am in! I would love the Skilhunt or the Fireflies!

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Wished I had 250 posts. Great GAW Lexel. Congrats on 4444!

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Well done on over 4000 posts Thumbs Up

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I’ll join. I would love the Headlamp package.

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Thanks Lexel….PL47 Much is….!

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Thanx for the GAW Lexel !
Please count me in

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Awesome giveaway Lexel!
Of course I am in!

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i am in,thanks.

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Congrats on the post milestone.

Alas I don’t have enough to enter but good luck to all who do.

Seeking the light.

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Count me in, thanks.