Astrolux Ti3A Nichia 219C 5000K Teardown & Mods

Here we have a nice little titanium light that I received from Lexels 4444 giveaway :-) :BEER:

Modded with tail clicky switch.Titanium construction
Nichia 219C 5000K emitter
10mm Copper DTP MCPCB
13mm ARC glass
OP reflector
Copper & brass hand made pill
Copper lined battery tube
MTN FET 10mm driver (G1)
Forward clicky tail switch

Max - 680lm OTF

Length – 70mm
Width – 15mm/ 13mm
Weight – 34g (With 10440 cell)

Astrolux Ti3A runtime graph.

The original pill is a plastic tube, yes plastic, haven't seen anything like that for a while, shame really as it is such a nice wee titanium host and well made otherwise.
The driver is press fitted into this plastic tube with wires up to the LED on a fibre board that kinda floats loosely in the reflector recess.

The orange peel reflector is nice solid aluminium and has outside threads which attach the bezel to the head.
No o-ring was present at the front glass or head twist mechanism but there was one at the tailcap, I have siliconed the glass into the bezel, o-ring at battery tube and thick silicone grease at the switch for some water ingress resistance.

Originally this is a head twisty operated light, to disassemble first unscrew the bezel, reflector, take out the pill and a brass screwed retainer is revealed. It has two indents for unscrewing from the battery tube.
Red thread locker all round on the threaded head parts.

Here's all the original bits & pieces.

I lined the battery tube with some thin copper, soldered to the brass retainer after filing the edge down a little so it will not retain the head piece any more and added an o-ring & thermal paste between the copper & battery tube.

Drilled a 4mm hole through the tail cap & made a small switch plunger out of 4mm magnets, filled slot with JB weld.

Wrapped a small forward clicky switch with copper tape and press fitted into the end of the battery tube, with some on the threads for a tighter fit of the tail cap. Dremeled out the tail cap a little for a snug fit of the switch.

I made a new metal pill from a plumbers 10mm id brass ferrule, some K&S brass tube, 1mm thick copper sheet, all soldered together then installed the 10mm FET driver & Nichia 219C 5000K LED on a 10mm DTP MCPCB. Press fitted into the head.

I sanded down the underside of the reflector as much as possible to fit the LED. Added some contrasting aesthetics.

A nice wee titanium tail clicky pocket rocket it is now ;) :THUMBS-UP:

CRX, you make threaded parts. :slight_smile:
What was the ID of the battery tube before the mod and what is it after?

I love the thermal improvement. :slight_smile:

Amazing! :+1: But now there’s no space for a trit :wink:

I didn’t measure it before but must have been around 11mm and 10.4mm diameter after. Had to take the labels off the Efest 10440 :wink:
It does actually help move some heat down the battery tube, I have it set so the end of the copper & brass tube butts up against the pill.

It was a sacrifice I was willing to make for a tail switch, I’ll figure something out :wink:

:open_mouth: Mate, you kill me with these mods :beer:

BTW, you still have the lanyard hole for the tritium vial :smiling_imp:

True, though I wanted to keep that free.
I have a couple 2.5mm long trits that nearly fit each side of the switch button but I would need to do a little dremeling of the slot, may do that at some point :+1:

Awesome build again. :+1: I will take it :smiley:


Nice work CRX.

Thanks mate :beer:

Awesome job!!! :beer:

nice work :+1:

Proper pocket rocket, awesome work :open_mouth:

Just gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I'm always floored by how beautiful you make a light inside and out.

Maybe you could build the switch post (or just the exposed part) entirely from trits?

Crossed my mind, a 6mm x 1.5mm would fit nicely but wouldn’t last too long I think.

3 trits would be much stronger than 1. :wink:

This is true :slight_smile:

Was your bezel glued? I can’t get mine off