Illumn is fantastic

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Illumn is fantastic

This doesn’t seem like it will come as a surprise at all to most who have shopped with illumn. But I recently purchased a few items from them. Of course they shipped them promptly, of course there is no question of anything being a knockoff.

This post is about customer service after the order is received.

One of the items in my order was a rocket sv2. Nice little basic charger that anyone can use with little knowledge needed. Unfortunately it seems also a little harder to find out that the spring mounts inside that hold the bottom charging posts in place can sometimes be as weak as wet toilet paper and snap off easily.

I contacted illumn about this to see if a return was possible or if sending it in for warranty was needed, I included the serial number from the package as I read that it helped to identify the problem models.

Craig from illumn responded within 10 hours of me sending the email stating that they would be sending a new unit out ASAP, and no return of the damaged charger was needed. I received the new charger just a few days after the initial email as well.

I’m sure that they can’t do this level of service with every item in their store, and that having some previous cases of identical problems helped. But in today’s online world it is rare you find a company who will react so quickly and honestly in similar situation that I felt I needed to let others know.

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I have had similarly stellar – prompt, responsive, and going the extra mile – customer service experience from Craig at Illumn.

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Yep. Illumn is excellent. I’ve had great experiences purchasing from Illumn. Glad I joined BLF and found out about them.

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I’ve been happy with Ilumn but I’ve been fortunate to not need any post-sales support from them. Good stuff.

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Craig & Calvin Rocks!.
Great Team.
Thank You Illumn, from London.

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Another huge fan of Illumn here. Nothing but positive experiences. Smile

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Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Illumn Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

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I ordered my FW3A from them, and it was all fast and flawless. It’s pretty cool they calibrate the temp sensor before shipping.

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Nice to hear. I’ve been considering ordering some cells from them and this seals the deal. Good CS is worth something.

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Another big fan of illumn here.  They ship very fast to Canada as well.

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I’ve had the same level of care from their customer service team. They’re definitely on my Trusted Vendor list.

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Calvin from is the best! Best customer care from anywhere I have shopped online. Calvin goes above and beyond to help me source some parts that I can’t get anywhere online after I messaged him. The best part is, he included the parts with my order as a “free warranty item”. Big Smile If that’s not caring about your customers, I don’t know what is. Thanks Calvin!

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They’re wonderful. LOL

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Yep.. they are  good as gold .




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It should be noted that Illumn HQ also serves as a retail store. Less than five miles from SJC (San Jose) airport if one is in town, or passing through.

Think “kid in a candy store.”