FiTorch P26R 1*26650 3600lm XHP70.2 + Survey

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FiTorch P26R 1*26650 3600lm XHP70.2 + Survey

My name is Eryk. I am writing reviews in Polish.
Reviews I translate – google translator

Original review:,63060.msg262265/

Flashlight for testers provided by:

Survey (what color do you like? (cold, warm, neutral):

In the past I tested other models:
FiTorch P20R and P30R –
FiTorch MR35 –

Here you will find discount codes for FiTorch torches
At the time of writing, the P26R review is not available, but it should soon change.

The packaging very strongly refers to those known from previous models (Fenix uses similar colors)

In packaging:
- a flashlight
- OTG adapter
- user manual
- flashlight case
- USB cable
- backup Oars
- key ring
- lanyard for wrist (slightly too long)

Currently, the flashlight is available in Banggood (temporarily unavailable) and is sold without a cell, and if you go for a deal with a cell, it will most likely be secured cell 26650 4500mAh

P26R, compared to the other models tested, is powered by 1 * 26650, so the shape of the housing has changed, now resembles a more “tube”

Metal crown, fast with AR coatings, OP headlamp and centered XHP70.2 diode. I can say that my P26R is a “limited edition”, because I got a flashlight with a neutral LED (about 4500K) for testing purposes, but only a cold LED version is currently on sale.

Cutouts along the torch and ribbing – it’s cool in the palm of your hand and allows you to give better heat to the environment, and it is what you give Smiley

I mentioned the OTG adapter, the flashlight will allow us to charge our phone with 1A current. The Liitokala 26650 5000mAh battery charged to 4.20V charged my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 battery from 10% to 90%. The charge is about 3.1V. Remember that the 5000mAh is measured to 2.5V, taking 5000mAh, after subtracting the efficiency of the phone and the flashlight – will result in a 70% margin.
We can also charge the cell in the lantern, for the 26650 cells charging current about 1.8-1.9A, my copy ends charging at 4.22 / 4.23V – a little too high.

On the other side of the switch, the torch is operated with one button. Works with pleasant resistance and characteristic “click, click”

Button is backlit:
- The voltage on the 3.5 link will start flashing – Slow red flashes
- voltage on the cell 3.1V – fast red flashes
- Powerbank – alternating flashes of red and green
- charge the cell in the lantern – flashes green, at about 4V it will glow with full charge (at 4.22 / 4.23V) the diode will turn off
- voltage check on the cell. On the off lantern we make fast 3-pin, and for example the voltage on the link is 3.8V – the LED flashes red 3 times, green is 8 times
- torch location system – torch off or on fast 4-clicks – switch will flash green (2 seconds on / 2 seconds off)

It is possible to power the flashlight only from eg PowerBank. We must remember not to use TURBO mode, USB performance is too low, flashlight is unstable and squeaks.

Central tube is a classic of the species FiTorch – the knitting is clearly noticeable striated surface, looks great and the same is in the palm

I looked at the housing, and I’m not sure, but I think it’s a flashlight from one piece of aluminum (I can be wrong), because there’s no glueing here (I do not see)

Cap – similar appearance as the head, clear cutouts and ribs, missing strings as in previous models, damage;

My thread is almost dry (my previous models got used to great threads and great lubrication), after all, it turns out great, with considerable resistance.
I made a waterproof test, the flashlight was in the water for 90 minutes. The USB port and cap did not allow water, do not press the button when the flashlight is under water (or clearly wet), when I did it fast from the center of the fog.

Double springs and FiTorch logo, I like the attention to detail

With many manufacturers increasingly popular – the ability to put a torch on the cap, FiTorch certainly did not forget about it. Smiley

That is the most important element of the flashlight. JETBeam employee – JETBeam and FiTorch drivers have many common features.

A single click will turn on the flashlight
- The flashlight will start with the last mode
- We do not change modes in a loop, but a strange setting:

I did the percentage calculations similar to the JETBeam TH20 torch test – I compared the results to the 3600lm mode. The highest mode shines very similar to TH20

- In addition to the last mode, we have the option to turn on the flashlight in low mode – when the flashlight is off, hold down the button for 1-3 seconds and let go, low mode
- Flashlight off or on – 2 fast flashes activate:

  • strobe mode (from TURBO mode
  • two more clues – SOS from medium mode
    - sometimes when the flashlight is on and the voltage on the cell is 3.7-4.1V when we make 3 fast clips in TURBO mode, the torch will go down by about 20% (does not always work, according to the manufacturer lack of such functionality in the lantern, ? Smiley , it does not matter the least)
    - when the torch is off – quick 3 clocks activate “system voltage check on the cell. On the off lantern we make fast 3-pin, and for example the voltage on the cell is 3.8V – the LED flashes red 3 times, green is 8 times “
    - torch off or on – “torch positioning system – fast 4 clicks – switch will flash green (2 seconds lit / 2 seconds off …)”

Electronic click, and no lock? Of course the blockade is also!
This protection works in the same way as the recently tested JETBeam E20R and C8 Pro.
- Hold down the button (when the torch off) about 4 seconds, flashes twice, activates the lock clicks
- hold down the button for 4 seconds, the protection stops and the torch switches on.
Same as E20R and C8 Pro, when security is enabled, we can do 2 fast clocks, a strobe switch, one click and we have a mode loop (those discussed earlier), we turn off the flashlight – the protection is active. In my opinion – a cool option.

Simple and very easy to use driver, in addition to interesting features in the form of Powerbank, charger, and signaling (charging, Powerbank, voltage, voltage test, etc.)

I did not mention anything about the temperature sensor. High current, a lot of heat, have they forgotten? None of these things Smiley
I was using the application:
Accuracy of measurements with some reserve (5-10%).
All measurements were made using the Liitokala 26650 5000mAh blue cell.

The first test, a torch without any cooling, instructions give drop after 90sec from 3600lm to 1200lm. The image shows a decrease of about 34%; 0.34 * 3600lm = 1224lm, so it even agrees Smiley

Since the torch is equipped with a temperature sensor, I decided to check it, I placed the fan next to the flashlight. As it turned out, after dropping to about 1200lm, the fan cooled the torch, allowing the brightness to rise to about 60%; 0.6 * 3600 = 2160lm, over 2000lm to the next drop, again cooled and returned to 2000lm +, fall, return and unloaded cell with a capacity of 5000mAh in just over 1h Smiley , the voltage at the end of the test was about 3.1V

All of us carry a fridge ( Smiley ) I poured a few ice cubes into the cold water and turned on the flashlight in 100% mode. Here the driver had to do what.
After 15min – 80%; 0.8 * 3600 = 2880lm
After 30min – just over 50% and so about 1800lm
After 45 minutes already a significant drop to about 35% or about 1250lm
After 1h it is “only” 20% and about 700lm
Then a drop to 15%, which lasted almost to the end. This measurement also ended at about 3.1V of the 26650 cell voltage

I put on 3 graphs, as for me stable 1200lm is the most interesting option, after 90min the voltage on the cell was 3.5V, which calmly allowed for just over 30 minutes of strong light

I calculated the graphs for lumens for 100% I found 3600lm, pretty cool picture what I wrote

When I tested JETBeam TH20 I noticed the cutouts, inscriptions, buttons in one line. FiTorch has proven its P26R model that you can! All cutouts, inscriptions, buttons, etc. are in one line (unfortunately not including the cap that is moving).
FiTorch – applaud!
It looks fantastic, P26R is bound to land on my basic EDC Smiley

JETBeam is also one of the few producers that has shown that “however possible”, not only TH20 and P26R look amazing, E20R also belongs to this small group

And to the bunch of flashlights joined said TH20 from JETBeam

The P26R can delight us not only in appearance but also in weight. With a 26650 cell it is only about 230 grams, where 100 is the mass of the cell

Field shooting, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 1s, white balance – Fluorescent H
FiTorch P26R low

FiTorch P26R average

FiTorch P26R high

FiTorch P26R TURBO

(Note that the P26R in the official sale is offered with a cold LED)


Nitecore EC4 mod – XM-L2 U2 3C, TURBO

Fenix TK25 R & B

Field shooting, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 2s, white balance – Fluorescent H
FiTorch P26R TURBO


Nitecore EC4 mod – XM-L2 U2 3C, TURBO

Fenix TK25 R & B

FiTorch P26R TURBO


Nitecore EC4 mod – XM-L2 U2 3C, TURBO

Full size photos:

Some words of summary:
Compact size, 3600lm and neutral color + visually refined torch – how can you not like? Smiley Do not like the diode from the official sale – cold …, FiTorch wrote to me that if there will be many willing to do and the version with neutral color!
P30R and P20R – no temperature sensor (supposedly was, but …), MR35 is already improved driver, more efficient, drop to higher level, etc. P26R is a complete new, properly working temperature sensor, I do not know how to do, but I would prefer to operate the modes in Do not forget about great solutions such as checking the voltage, locator, powerbank, charger, hidden flashes, or the ability to power directly from powerbank.

I remember the tested Klarus G20 torch, G20 in the highest squeaking mode, P26R does not have this problem – if someone asked.

Look, ergonomics, driver, control, solutions in FiTorch laptops from model to model are getting better, I can not wait what will be next Smiley
And model P26R? Not yet available in Banggood, maybe you will come in some attractive price, interested people, be alert! Smiley

I ask you to ask questions!


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P26R is available here:
with code: P26R
price drops to 53,71USD

More codes can be found here:

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The quality and value for this light is outstanding, with the discount a great deal. Surprised it is not more popular .

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If it were offered in warmer tint or high CRI I might consider it.