List of flashlight-powerbanks

I compiled a list of flashlights that can be also used as powerbanks.

Small / medium flashlights
|Light|min price (*1)|reviews|cell|connector|in/out current|size|weight (with cell) (*3)|claimed lm|measured lm|uWh/mm³(*2)(*3)|mWh/g (*3)|claimed mlm/mm³ (*2)|
|DQG Tiny 4th+Folomov Cell|$25.65+$15.08|1 2 3 4|18650|Micro USB|1A/1A|24.5x90.5mm|94g|850||285|129|19.9|
|Folomov EDC C4|$29.7|1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10|18650|Micro USB||25.4x99mm|98g|1200||249|128|23.9|
|Xiaomi Solove X3|$14.20||built-in 18650|Type A + Micro USB||25x117.2mm|85g|258||146(*5)|126(*5)|3.5|
|Rofis MR30|$40.7|1 2 3 4 5|21700|Micro USB|1.4A/2.1A|29.8x140.6mm|146g|1600||179|121|16.3|
|Xiaomi Mi flashlight LPB01ZM|$23.23|1|built-in 18650|Type A + Micro USB||25.5x120.2mm|103.7g|240||195(*5)|115(*5)|4.6|
|Rofis MR50|$53.7|1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9|21700|Micro USB|1.4A/2A|35x125.8mm|190g|2500|2369 2445|145|104|20.7|
|Boruit BC10|$37.3|1|26650|Micro USB|1.9A/1.1A|37x132mm|233g|3600||155|94|25.4|
|Fitorch P26R|$58|1 2 3 4 5 6 |26650|Micro USB|1A/1A|37x132mm|233g|3600||155|94|25.4|
|Rofis MR70|$63.7|1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 |26650|Micro USB||39.28x128mm|234.4g|3500|3456|141|94|22.6|
|Acebeam EC65 II|$67||18650|Type C||28.7x138.7mm|133g|1100||139|94|12|
|Wuben TO50R HC|$119||21700|Micro USB||32x125.8mm|201g|2500||174|88|24.7|
|Fitorch P20RGT|$50||18650|Micro USB||25.4x143mm|145g|1180||173|86|16.3|
|Vollsion MR12-D||1 2|18650|Micro USB||25.4x139mm|151g|1180||178|83|16.8|
|Pelican 5050R|$74||18650|Type A + Micro USB||?x156mm|164g|883|||76||
|Lumintop EDC21|$51.36|1|18650|Type A + Micro USB||33.5x146mm|166g|900||91|75|7|
|JKK26 XM-L2|$18.14||26650|Type A|?/1.5A|45x148mm|298g|960||93|74|4.1|
|JKK26 XP-L HI|$20.12||26650|Type A|?/1.5A|45x148mm|298g|960||93|74|4.1|
|Fitorch P30RGT|$65.73||18650|Micro USB||35x143.5mm|178g|1180||91|70|8.6|
|PLD zoomie|||26650|Type A||45x175m|333g|350||79|66|1.3|
|Xiaomi FZ101|$28.12||built-in 18650|Type A + Micro USB||25x120mm|150g|1000||158(*5)|62(*5)|17|
|ZeroHour Relic XR2|$150|1|18650|Type C|/2A|38.1x159mm|218g|2000||69|57|11|
|Boruit BC03|$31.8||18650|Micro USB||25.4x143mm||1180||173||16.3|
|Boruit BC05|$33.5||18650|Micro USB||25.7x144.5mm||1180||167||15.7|
|Lantern Black|$117.5||built-in 26650|||||1000|||||
|Lantern Platinum+|$137.5||built-in 26650|||||1000|||||
|Coast TX1R|||Built-in|Micro USB||?x127mm|145g|460|||||
|Coast TX14R|||Built-in|Micro USB||?x194mm|250g|900|||||
|Surefire DBR Guardian|$160||Built-in|Type C|?/1.5A|?x110.5mm|133g|1000|||||

Big flashlights
|Light|min price (*1)|reviews|cell|connector|in/out current|size|weight (with cell) (*3)|claimed lm|measured lm|uWh/mm³(*2)(*3)|mWh/g (*3)|claimed mlm/mm³ (*2)|
|Manker MK36|$150|1|3*18650|Type C|3A/2A|53x110mm|410g|12000||154|91|49|
|JKK03 XHP70.2|$38.78||3*18650|2*Type A+Type C+DC(*4)||46x148mm|420g|3600||153|89|14.6|
|JKK03 XHP50.2|$30.77||3*18650|2*Type A+Type C+DC(*4)||46x148mm|420g|3000||153|89|12.2|
|JKK03 XML2|$26.38||3*18650|2*Type A+Type C+DC(*4)||46x148mm|420g|1200||153|89|4.9|
|JKK03 XPL HI|$29||3*18650|2*Type A+Type C+DC(*4)||46x148mm|420g|1200||153|89|4.9|
|JKK36 XHP70.2|$47.88||3*18650|2*Type A+Type C+DC(*4)||58x175mm|479g|3800||81|78|8.2|
|JKK36 SST40|$36.33||3*18650|2*Type A+Type C+DC(*4)||58x175mm|479g|2000||81|78|4.3|
|JKK36 XML2|$32.3||3*18650|2*Type A+Type C+DC(*4)||58x175mm|479g|1250||81|78|2.7|
|JKK35|$34||3*18650|2*Type A + Micro USB + DC||70x186mm|597g|2800||52|63|3.9|
|MecArmy PT26|$178.9|1|26650|2*Micro USB||53x125.4mm|347g|3850||79|63|11.7|
|Jetbeam SSR50|$190||custom (2*26650?)|Type C||64x273mm|620g?|3650||41(*5)|58(*5)|4.3|
|Acebeam T27|$160|1|21700|Type C||70x135mm|309g|2500||34|57|4.8|
|Lumintop SD75|$110|1 2 3 4 5|4*18650|2*Type A||89.9x248mm|1023g|4000||32|49|2.5|
|Nextorch Saint Torch 11|$276||built-in 4*18650|Type C||83x212mm|790g|3500||33(*5)|47(*5)|3.1|
|Fenix rc40|$380|1 2 3|built-in 8*18650|DC + Type A||108x272mm|1234g|6000||22(*5)|45(*5)|2.4|
|INOVA T10R|$400||built-in|||52x271mm|889g|3500|||||

|Light|min price (*1)|reviews|cell|connector|in/out current|size|weight (with cell) (*3)|claimed lm|measured lm|uWh/mm³(*2)(*3)|mWh/g (*3)|claimed mlm/mm³ (*2)|
|Acebeam H30|$120|1 2|21700|Type C|2A/2A|89.4x40.8x29mm|150g|4000|3400|166|117|37.8|
|Boruit RJ-2157|$9||2*18650|DC in/Type A out|||317g|1200|||79||
|Boruit RJ-2158|$10||2*18650|DC in/Type A out|||346g|1800|||72||
|Coast FL75R|$60|1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8|built-in 1000 mAh|Micro USB|||90.71g|530|||39(*5)||
|Nitecore HC70|$100|1 2 3 |built-in 2*18650|2*Type A|/2.1A|||1000|||||

(*1) Minimum price that:

  • I’ve seen reported, not necessarily the lowest ever
  • Contains shipping

(*2) I calculate volume as volume of a cyllinder where the light fits. I think that there are better volume metrics (I think measuring convex hull would be optimal) - but this one won because it’s easy for me to calculate.
(*3) I assume the following cells are used and take HKJ capacity measurements:

  • for Folomov Powerbank cell there are no data, I assume it’s close to Panasonic NCR18650B
  • for 18650 - Samsung INR18650-35E
  • for 21700 - Sanyo NCR21700A
  • for 26650 - PLB INR26650-55A (rewrapped as Shockli 5500 mAh and others)

(*4) Older lights have Micro USB instead of Type C
(*5) Estimated from mAh

Lumintop EDC21
Lumintop SD75
Xiaomi Solove X3

Modern power banks are more efficient and have higher capacities. I would rather that they skip the power bank feature and reduce cost to customers.

Wow thanks, I’ve been looking for such a list. Some more:
Lantern light, originally on Kickstarter
Also ZeroHour XD and XR, but they’re out of production

Not sure if Xiaomi’s count?

Also the FZ101

You missed the Rofis MR50, and there’s little value counting the DQG tiny when hundreds of lights could use that cell.

Thanks for the responses. I added some lights already and will add the others shortly. :slight_smile:

I wondered about it as well. Well, not whether to list DQG but what to do about the hundreds of other lights.

As to DQG with Folomov cell:
It’s the smallest and lightest flashlight-powerbank on the market. I am sure it deserves a mention.
Also the mere existence of Folomov cell is significant and deserves a mention in this thread.

As to others:
I’m not sure. The cell is the whole point really, the light around it is just an addition. There are other lights that I’m tempted to list but I feel it would clutter the table while not adding much value.

They don’t have higher capacity per cell. Lower or same.
Efficiency? I wish reviewers were able to measure that…

Anyway: if one wants to carry both a flashlight and a powerbank - a combo is typically going to provide more bang for the size / weight than 2 separate items, regardless of what separate items you choose. It may not be true for very high capacity (unless you’re willing to carry spare cells and switch them) but for lower energy needs - a combo wins.

If you don’t want the cost - there are still many options around…actually when I consider lights that are the most interesting to me - none of the first class ones comes with a powerbank or even with Folomov powerbank-cell compatibility.

Got one of these JKK03 .
145 x 46 mm, 275 grams, 3600 lumens, 3 x 16650 (at 3500 mAh), µC in (at 2 A) [optional 3.5 barrel plug DC in @ 5 volts], USB A (2x) out, $40.

Acebem h30 also works as powerbank

Does anyone know its name? Is it just Xiaomi Mi flashlight?

Do powerbank/handwarmer/LED Flashlights count?

Ewarmer hand warmer/power bank/LED flashlight

MrsRants got a lot of service from one of these this winter.

The hand warmer is very effective and the flashlight is serviceable.

I’m not really sure if I should list unavailable lights.
On one hand - they may still be available second hand. But proabably very hard to get.
On the other hand they may pollute the list.

I already added one that seems unavailable. But I didn’t expect the list to grow this much so fast. :slight_smile:
Should I keep adding unavailable lights or maybe it would be better to remove that Vollsion?

They sure do. :slight_smile:
And I see more models there.

No Fenix rc40?

And now…I have doubts. They don’t list some basic info like how many lumens does it have. Which makes me think that the makers were focused on “warmer” rather than on “flashlight”.
If I include items where “flashlight” is not a major part of the whole - I’ll end up listing all OTG phones and other unrelated stuff.
Maybe the rule for inclusion should be:

  • it’s a powerbank and
  • it’s a good flashlight

So before I edd ewarmer - MyRants, do you think it’s a good flashlight?

OK, I added all of the abouve except for Ewarmer that I’m not sure if I should list.
That makes 30 lights!
I see about 18 more here:

I have to say: wow, the market is much richer than I thought.


No, it is not a good flashlight. It is serviceable, i.e., it will help you not trip over a curb or step on a cat.

The emphasis is definitely on the hand warmer/power bank with an afterthought flashlight.

OK, I’ll skip it than. Thanks for the suggestion anyway. :slight_smile: