First Flashlight build!

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First Flashlight build!

Hey everyone,
I am completely new to the whole DIY/modding experience of flashlights, and I would like to try it out for myself! I have looked at these links as a potential build, but am not sure what to do in terms of the driver? I would really like to stick with the same host (Convoy S11) and led (xhp50.2) if possible, but am open to other led and driver combinations.

Thanks in advance!

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22mm driver? Hang on…

Yah, here ya go.

22mm boost driver, but for a 3V LED:

There are similar ones that’d be similar, just check the output voltages. But AX is a good place to start, Fasttech also.

You can pick 1-mode, multimodes, etc. Just goggle around, post here any contenders you find.

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