Nightwatch NSX4 13,000lm single cell light.

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dthrckt wrote:
Fedtro wrote:

I have NSX4 and without too many words it is a little bomb, it needs a lot of energy so I use a Molicel P42A that easily pushes the 45A, of course I also always carry a spare one because the hunger for energy of this flashlight is great. Perhaps its less positive side is the launch but as you know XHP50.2 is certainly not a led born for launch.


I'm not familiar w/ launch. Are you referring to the LED warming up and output increasing? Because it feels like my eye notices that. I would expect it starts highest and declines.


Excuse me for the lack of clarity I am referring to the range to how far the beam of light produced can reach you, as the reflectors are too small and shallow even if the LED produces a lot of light this all comes out very close to you failing to illuminate further the 300 meters, as a comparison the Astrolux FT02S or Mateminco TK04 (they are the same torch) produces the same lumens or something more 13500 to be exact but has a launch that reaches 600 meters.


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Fedtro wrote:
how far the beam of light produced can reach

Right, I find the throw on high is suitable to 100 meters, at least. So much light everywhere inside there if you’re trying to find something. This will probably be my hip light camping on land, among dozens of candidates. A bit warmer and higher CRI is useful for detailed tasks, but in an emergency I think I’d like this one. Most places I go, off the water, I can’t see more than 20 to 100 yards. I’ll probably beat it up a little first, make sure it doesn’t quit when dropped.

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Ya I have the 3 and the 4 and love them both. The 4 puts out a ton of light and it’s built like a tank. No worries about dropping it (: