Thrunite TC20 Busted LED

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Thrunite TC20 Busted LED

Hello I have a semi new TC20 v2 that I took apart as I started to get curious if I could dedome the led for slightly more throw. Well I pushed on the dome just a little too hard and ripped it right off the diode! Long story short, I now have an led without the yellow phosphor coating and is now blue.

My question is: Can anyone point me in the right direction of how I can fix this? Do I have to replace the whole pcb or just the diode itself?

Any help is appreciated!

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If you have the appropriate tools, you can just replace the LED Big Smile

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Breaking a flashlight myself was what got me into modding too!

From looking at reviews, it seems the LED’s PCB is somewhat non-standard, so you’ll probably want to replace the LED itself.
The basic tools I’d recommend to do this would be:

  • Solder paste (I use Chip Quik)
  • Soldering iron
  • Stove (portable or otherwise) and skillet
  • Thermal paste

And of course, a new LED – based on my reading, you’ll want to use a 6V version of the LED here.
Convoy sells the XHP 70.2 (, but you’ll need to desolder it from the board it comes on.

Then the broad steps you’ll take are:

  • Desolder the leads on the current PCB
  • Remove the PCB and clean off any thermal paste on the bottom
  • Desolder the broken LED from the PCB, and apply solder paste as needed
  • Place the new LED on the board, squeeze out any excess solder, let it cool
  • Apply thermal paste on the bottom of the board again
  • Return the PCB to the flashlight and solder the leads back in place (red is positive, black is negative)

If that seems doable, good luck! If not, I bet someone on the forum would be happy to help you out.

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It is not necessary to desolder, just ask Simon to send an unsoldered LED and a separate substrate. I do this all the time.
Well, then, as mentioned above, you will need solder paste, thermal paste, a soldering iron. Instead of a frying pan, I use a regular household iron..