(Closed, Winners Announced!) Relic's 1000 Post Giveaway! Already???

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(Closed, Winners Announced!) Relic's 1000 Post Giveaway! Already???

Wow, that sneaky 1000 number.  Last week I was around 750 or so.  Yikes! Surprised

Edit: Closed, winners are 18sixfifty and nofearek9!

Details here

This giveaway asks you to take two guesses on one of my recent mods.


  • You must be a BLF member on or before March 11, 2013.
  • One comment per user please. Subsequent comments will be ignored.
  • Your comment gives you up to three entries.  One for simply posting a comment (for those who get bored reading the techie stuff, take some guesses anyway), and up to two more for correct answers to the questions below.
  • The information provided below is all that will be provided in this thread.  There may be other tidbits in other threads, but I will not answer questions or provide further clarification.
  • Contest closes when I reach 1000 posts; about 5-7 days based on my current posts per day.
  • Most important rule: Have fun!


Mod details:

Product: YinHex YH-X9 5xT6 4x18650 flashlight (basically a SolarStorm or Apex; similar finish, but not built as good)


Stock output: ~850 lm

Stock Driver: 10x7135 at 3.5 Amps, 5 modes, visible PWM

Modded Driver: "NANJG" 36x7135 at 12.6 Amps (and the 1.5A rated switch hasn't melted yet), 3 modes

Power Source: 4x Sanyo UR18650ZT, fully charged to 4.3V; driver runs in regulation during the tests (steady 12.6A).

Other mods:

  • Silver thermal compound between emitter plate and head
  • 16 gauge emitter wires
  • Copper braid on all four battery springs
  • Additional 20 gauge wires to emitters to reduce MCPCB trace resistance
  • AR coated lens to replace the stock uncoated glass lens

Question 1: How many OTF lumens does the modded light generate?

Question 2: The bezel and black rubber reflector plate block a considerable number of lumens.  With these items removed (leaving the reflectors and AR lens), how many OTF lumens does the modded light generate?

Answers within +-10% are considered correct and will give you an additional entry. (Edit: widened margin from 5% to 10% to improve your chances Wink )

Note: My lumen numbers may not be overly accurate, as my integrating 'box' is not very well calibrated.  It has proven itself to be close in a few scenarios so far though.


  • Prize #1: Silver Dollarama P60 host with and XM-L T6 3C (NW) emitter and 4x7135 1.4A NANJG 105C in an SMO P60 drop-in. Uses one unprotected 18650 or 3xAAA.  Measured at 380 lm OTF.  Very floody and great battery life; my kind of EDC.

Prize 1

  • Prize #2: UltraFire SK98 XM-L T6 1x18650 Zoomie, sent straight from Fasttech (cheaper than shipping one from me)



Good luck, and thanks to everyone for making BLF so enjoyable! Smile

Welcome the night.

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1. I’m not a modder, so I’ll make a wild guess….1800 lumens
2. About 1930 lumens

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Congrats on your fast approaching milestone. Thanks for the giveaway.
1. 100000 Chinese lumens
2. Chinese lumens are not effected by such silly things


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Q1: 2071.875 lumens
Q2: 2437.500 lumens

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12.6a /5 leds = 2.52a per led, that translates to about 800 lumens, times 5 leds = 4000 lumens minus 25% reflector efficiency = 3000 true out the front lumens

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2250 and 2440 Lumen:

Question1: 2250 lm
Question2: 2440 lm

Cheers! Beer

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lol Tivo beat me by a cat’s whisker Big Smile

Awesome giveaway Relic. Thank you for your generosity.

Answer 1. 2250 OTF Lumens
Answer 2. 2440 OTF Lumens

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1.2400 lumens
2.2650 lumens

thanks for the giveaway!

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Thanks for giveway!


Question 2:

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4050 lumens as mules
Q1:3200 lumens
Q2:3600 lumens

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Thanks for the giveaway!

1. 3K lumens.
2. 3.3K lumens.

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1: 3600 lumens
2: 3800 lumens
3: Just for fun I’m going to guess the zoomie is… a Sipik SK98, copper braid and XML-U3 mod @ 3.2A

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Wow, this is an awesome prize Love

Ummm, not a huge modder, but here goes:

1. 2190 OTF Lumens
2. 2380 OTF Lumens

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Thanks for the giveaway and an advance congrats for reaching 1000!

1. 2800
2. 3000

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1. 4100 OTF Lumens
2. 4300 OTF Lumens

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1. 256.35 Mickey Mouse lumbermen, I put lumens in and spell check said I spelt it wrong and this was the correct spelling.

2. Now let me think. Bugger, I should not have done that, pass the headache pills please. There were no lumbermen lost as the offending items have been removed.


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1. 2100 Lumens
2. 2500 Lumens :bigsmile:

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1: 2700 with the bezel and plate
2: 3500 without

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1. 2400
2. 2700

Thanks for the giveaway!

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Thanks for giveaway


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Thanks for the giveaway! I'm in!

A: 3100lm & 3500lm



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Great giveaway. I love quiz

My guess are:
1. 2529lm
2. 2992lm


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1. 3000 lms
2. 3500 lms

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1. 2550
2. 2725

Thanks for the giveaway!

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1. 3123 lm
2. 3327 lm


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Soumil wrote:



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4180 lumens of theoretical maximum, so I would say:

Q1: 3009

Q2: 3553

Tongue Out


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Q1: I’d say around 2745 grams of shiny light. It might be a couple punds of light for non-metrical system users. And slightly more for animals with a wider light spectrum, like, let’s say, my ex.
Q2: Unless Scaru says otherwise, i’d go for 300 units more.

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1.3300 lumens
2.3700 lumens

thanks for the giveaway!

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1. 3000 lumens
2. 3400 lumens

I like copper

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1. 3200
2. 3800

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1. 3100
2. 3500
that’s my guess Smile