(Closed, Winners Announced!) Relic's 1000 Post Giveaway! Already???

Wow, that sneaky 1000 number. Last week I was around 750 or so. Yikes!

Edit: Closed, winners are 18sixfifty and nofearek9!

Details here

This giveaway asks you to take two guesses on one of my recent mods.


  • You must be a BLF member on or before March 11, 2013.
  • One comment per user please. Subsequent comments will be ignored.
  • Your comment gives you up to three entries. One for simply posting a comment (for those who get bored reading the techie stuff, take some guesses anyway), and up to two more for correct answers to the questions below.
  • The information provided below is all that will be provided in this thread. There may be other tidbits in other threads, but I will not answer questions or provide further clarification.
  • Contest closes when I reach 1000 posts; about 5-7 days based on my current posts per day.
  • Most important rule: Have fun!

Mod details:

Product: YinHex YH-X9 5xT6 4x18650 flashlight (basically a SolarStorm or Apex; similar finish, but not built as good)

Stock output: ~850 lm

Stock Driver: 10x7135 at 3.5 Amps, 5 modes, visible PWM

Modded Driver: "NANJG" 36x7135 at 12.6 Amps (and the 1.5A rated switch hasn't melted yet), 3 modes

Power Source: 4x Sanyo UR18650ZT, fully charged to 4.3V; driver runs in regulation during the tests (steady 12.6A).

Other mods:

  • Silver thermal compound between emitter plate and head
  • 16 gauge emitter wires
  • Copper braid on all four battery springs
  • Additional 20 gauge wires to emitters to reduce MCPCB trace resistance
  • AR coated lens to replace the stock uncoated glass lens

Question 1: How many OTF lumens does the modded light generate?

Question 2: The bezel and black rubber reflector plate block a considerable number of lumens. With these items removed (leaving the reflectors and AR lens), how many OTF lumens does the modded light generate?

Answers within +-10% are considered correct and will give you an additional entry. (Edit: widened margin from 5% to 10% to improve your chances ;) )

Note: My lumen numbers may not be overly accurate, as my integrating 'box' is not very well calibrated. It has proven itself to be close in a few scenarios so far though.

  • Prize #1: Silver Dollarama P60 host with and XM-L T6 3C (NW) emitter and 4x7135 1.4A NANJG 105C in an SMO P60 drop-in. Uses one unprotected 18650 or 3xAAA. Measured at 380 lm OTF. Very floody and great battery life; my kind of EDC.

  • Prize #2: UltraFire SK98 XM-L T6 1x18650 Zoomie, sent straight from Fasttech (cheaper than shipping one from me)

Good luck, and thanks to everyone for making BLF so enjoyable! :)

1. I’m not a modder, so I’ll make a wild guess….1800 lumens
2. About 1930 lumens

Congrats on your fast approaching milestone. Thanks for the giveaway.

  1. 100000 Chinese lumens
  2. Chinese lumens are not effected by such silly things


Q1: 2071.875 lumens
Q2: 2437.500 lumens

12.6a /5 leds = 2.52a per led, that translates to about 800 lumens, times 5 leds = 4000 lumens minus 25% reflector efficiency = 3000 true out the front lumens

2250 and 2440 Lumen:

Question1: 2250 lm
Question2: 2440 lm

Cheers! :beer:

lol Tivo beat me by a cat’s whisker :smiley:

Awesome giveaway Relic. Thank you for your generosity.

Answer 1. 2250 OTF Lumens
Answer 2. 2440 OTF Lumens

1.2400 lumens
2.2650 lumens

thanks for the giveaway!

Thanks for giveway!


Question 2:

4050 lumens as mules
Q1:3200 lumens
Q2:3600 lumens

Thanks for the giveaway!

1. 3K lumens.
2. 3.3K lumens.

1: 3600 lumens
2: 3800 lumens
3: Just for fun I’m going to guess the zoomie is… a Sipik SK98, copper braid and XML-U3 mod @ 3.2A

Wow, this is an awesome prize :heart_eyes:

Ummm, not a huge modder, but here goes:

1. 2190 OTF Lumens
2. 2380 OTF Lumens

Thanks for the giveaway and an advance congrats for reaching 1000!

1. 2800
2. 3000

1. 4100 OTF Lumens
2. 4300 OTF Lumens

1. 256.35 Mickey Mouse lumbermen, I put lumens in and spell check said I spelt it wrong and this was the correct spelling.

2. Now let me think. Bugger, I should not have done that, pass the headache pills please. There were no lumbermen lost as the offending items have been removed.

1. 2100 Lumens
2. 2500 Lumens

1: 2700 with the bezel and plate
2: 3500 without

1. 2400
2. 2700

Thanks for the giveaway!

Thanks for giveaway