CLOSED - Giveaway - TWO Cut Down Mini-Mags. - We Have Winners!

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Really Cool, I’m in! Great mod O-L!

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In, please. And thanks!

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Thanks for the great giveaway! I'm in!



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I am in. Thanks

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thanks for doing this!

please i am in!

*FMI* i got 4 i/o sh
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Love It! .. Count Me In

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Count me in

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In for the win. Thanks!

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At the risk of messing up this giveaway thread, I will try to answer a little about this cut down.

 JohnnyMac is the cut down go to guy here, when it comes to Mini-Mags. He has perfected it.

I did buy one of the taps for tapping the threads. I did not however buy a drill as I am cheap and besides, what fun is it using a drill for a tap hole? I cut 50mm off the end of the body, with my tubing cutter. I measured the original depth of the threaded end of the body and went down the same depth. I opened it up with an small end mill bit using the bit in the drill press and turning the body around against the bit, to open the inside. I did that slowly and in several small steps, so I could get "about" the right ID for the tap. Then I cut the step on the very end, where the tail cap seal goes, with my 115 Dremel bit, in the drill press. After that, I tapped the hole for the threads. It was that simple, LOL. 

I do not plan to do many of these 1AA lights. I just wanted to see if I could and thought the giveaway was the best way to go, since JohnnyMac does a great job on them already...  Of course, I have thought of doing one using a couple watch batteries, so that the whole light is no longer than the head plus a couple mm to be able to grab at the tail.

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Nice, count me in Smile

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nice give away, count me in please Smile

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Count me in Justin and congrats on selling your 3 triple Nichia mags! Smile

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In please! Thanks!

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I'm really broke this week but I will offer $15.00 for this OL one of light. Thanks for giving me the chance to bid. Cheers.


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This space intentionally left blank…..

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Thanks for the offer
I am in!

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I’m in, thanks!

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In for the camo.

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I’m in. Thanks! Smile

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Sounds awesome! Please count me in

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Yes Please, Thank You.

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I'm in, once again!

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I don’t have any aspheric light. I’m in!

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Thank you OL for the giveaway!

Please count me in!

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I am so in on this one !

Thanks so much for the opportunity , Old-Lumens !

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Cool little build. In for the nichia! thanks

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I’m in – I do not have a nichia and now I have the chance to win a nichia in OL style Smile . Someday I will win one of the great give-away of OL – maybe it’s my time now Wink

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Count me in as I don’t have a Nichia and would really like to try one.

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definitely in!

I have a 14500 just waiting for this!