CLOSED - Giveaway - TWO Cut Down Mini-Mags. - We Have Winners!

We have 2 Winners:

#19 - cabfrank

#116 - 18sixfifty

PM me with your full name and addy. I will send each of you a light.

UPDATE: I now am giving away Two cut down Mini-Mags. Look for the new photos in this post.

Here's a little cut down 1AA Camo Mini-Mag. It needs a 14500 battery. It has a Nichia 219 in it and a 3 mode 1.4A driver. The lens is basically an aspheric. It's plastic and came from Fasttech. The beam is smooth and round and at 10' it's about 10' in diameter, so it's not a mule, but it is a close up light.





I also made the Holster to fit the 1AA.

UPDATE: Here's the Second Light:


This is a LED Mini-Mag cut down. The other light is an Incan cut down. Both these lights came out the Same Length, because of changes I made in the body, to be able to maintain the OAL. This light has been a thorn in my side and it has fought me all the way. It's been in and out of the circular file Twice! It still lives... It is painted and I do believe that this light is now more of a shelf queen, than an EDC. I do not think this particular paint will be durable enough to take being an EDC. Hence the giveaway instead of selling it. I just don't trust the paint job on this one, like I do on most of the others. (no holster with this light)


I removed the inner ring that divided the battery compartment area from the top of the body. This gave me about 15mm of room and I could shorten the body more, so that the OAL is the same as an Incan host. (I know it's not a 14500 shown here. I only have AA batteries, but it's still 50mm OAL for the battery). The nice thing is that now the battery can be loaded from the front, instead of having to remove the tail cap. I like that better.


Since I am using the LED host, I can have the larger heat sink, driver and TIR optic. The battery touches against the back of the driver, so it has to be a protected 14550 (with button top), or use a magnet as a button. It has to have a button on the battery to work. The driver is a 1.4A five mode and the LED is a Nichia 219 (of course).

Anyone who is a member since 3-25-13, can have a chance.

Post here and your post is your ticket number.

The giveaway ends on 03-30-13 at NOON. I will pick a TWO winners from on 03-30-13.

BUT...... Here's the catch. It's going to be April soon and what happens in April??? Fools, you know what I am talking about..... Smile April Fools, so here's the deal. The two winners will not know which light they are going to get until they get the package in the mail! April Fools.......Tongue Out

Count me in O-L! Thanks for doing this!

BTW - what lens is that from FastTech? Got a link? EDIT - is it this one? I like the idea of building one of these (if I don't win).


Says 30 degree, but it's an aspheric.

Love the form factor. Count me in, please!
You’re the man O-L, and I’m not just saying that in a pointless attempt to sway you or in my favor.

Nice. Im in.
Always wanted a short maglite.
And I really like camo color and nichia.

Sweeeet, I’m in.

I’m in!

I’m in! Haven’t got a single mag so why not have a special one :smiley:

Thanks for the giveaway O-L!

Love those camo minis. I'm in.

I like camo too. I’m in. Thanks O-L! :beer:


Can’t believe that I finally made the cutoff for one of these. Please count me in :)…


Ok, I’m in again. Hoping to lose so that I might win.

Wooohooo! Count me in, and thanks!

Oh, I´m so much in

That´s really a nice Giveaway!

Digital camo is great!
Of course I am in.

This is my lucky number.

I don’t have any maglite nor nichia so I’m in :slight_smile:

go on then, I’m in, cheers o-l

I’m in

Ps: are u going to make a Tutorial on how to cut those down ?

O-L. i’m in.