CLOSED - Giveaway - TWO Cut Down Mini-Mags. - We Have Winners!

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Congrats to the winners and thank you OL for the prices. Hope I will be a winner in the future Smile

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Congrats to the winners! Enjoy them guys.

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Congrats to the winners !

Thanks , Justin .

We love your mods , man .

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Nice win, congratulations! Thanks again Justin for the suspense and great mods! Smile

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Congrats, cabfrank & 18sixfifty!

Thanks for the giveaway, Old-Lumens!

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Congrats to the lucky contestants!

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Congratulations to the lucky winners. OL cutdown MIni-Mags, wow! These are truly one of a kind prizes.
I’m not big on camo mini-mags, but I really dig it in that chopped down format.

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Congrats winners, devo I didn’t win!! I want one of these sexy little things.

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Congrats, cabfrank & 18sixfifty, Thanks Justin!

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Congrats to the winners!

Enjoy those lights, guys!

Thank you again OL for your outstanding generosity!

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Thanx for the give-away Old-Lumens!
Congratulations to the lucky winners!

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i got mine today! i got the camo, it is actually a five mode, and i love both O-L’s handiwork and the nichia. thanks again, frank.

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I got mine today and it’s very nice. Great tint and a nice size.


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