My Solarforce L2P became a conversation starter

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My Solarforce L2P became a conversation starter

I have an interesting story for you.  I was out walking around dusk time today and I had a Solarforce L2P on me just in case I needed it to help get me back home.  Well I walked by a guy who had a flashlight and I just could not resist it.  I started talking with the guy....who was shining a light down in the canal where we live looking for something.  It turns out the guy was a policeman who was off from work tonight and he was testing his new and way overpriced Surefire light.  He had a Surefire E1B which he called his backup light.  I asked him what he carries for normal use and he said a Surefire 6P LED.  At this point I am thinking to myself to I dare show this poor sucker what is in my pocket?  The policeman found a fish in the water and was trying to follow it with his light, and I just could not help myself.  I pulled out that Solarforce and turned it on low and started looking for the fish too.....which I could not see with my eyes because of my eyesite.  He noticed that my light looked like his SF 6P and he asked me what it was and I said Solarforce....which he had never heard of.  He asked me if it had modes as he made his brighter, so at this point I am trying not to I have modes I am thinking to myself.  He was a nice guy so I said..."yes I do have modes, do you have sunglasses"?  He asked why....and then the next words out of his mouth rhymed with "holy spit".  At that point I proceeded to tell him that he was dealing with a beginner flashoholic and told him what I knew about the light that I had in my hand.  He asked me where he could get one of the lights so I told him.  We might have a future flashoholic on our hands fellow BLF'ers....or at least someone who has seen that you can get a serious light for not a lot of money.  I did get to tell him about sites like Manafont and this forum, so we will see.  This would never have happened if FlashlightFoy had not sent me this fantastic light, so thank Foy.  Smile 

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Nice encounter Smile

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Very cool! It would be neat to see him join here. Good story!

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He should still continue to use his Surefire since its for his work, which is dangerous at times.

Then for general use, he can put 4 Solarforce as mains and backups. maybe one as AA with primary Energizer Lithium for longevity.  There is no way murphy's law can strike and you'll be without light....unless you get hit by a Tornado or something.   BTW, P60 by design is probably not going to be Ultra-extreme shockproof like falling from a 5-storey building and survive....but generally it is ok to be used on weapons.  Unless you pot every hole with thermal epoxy inside. The tailcap and drop-in are both spring loaded, which absorbs the shock and thus don't destroy the battery, after a couple hundreds of rounds.  As crew served weapon lights then that is a totally different ballgame.


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Very cool story!

Yep, these XM-L P60 dropins are just shockingly bright, for not very much money. With a budget host, they are selling for around $20 now. Absolutely stellar amount of light for the price.

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great story!  Looks like he has "seen the light".

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Nice story! But a policeman can be flashalcoholic?

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