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Congratulations on your 3k posts. And thank you for the opportunity to join such a generous GAW.
I am sitting at the table with a sleeping miniature schnauzer on a pillow at my feet and on my right side a window overlooking (well, it’s night) my back garden.
On my left right now I see my dim lit livingroom and a couch with on it a sleeping standard schnauzer. Both are snoring softly, a very relaxing sound.

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well i took a picture to my left using my EA11 at max bounced off the ceiling as a flashlight.. but didn’t realize couldn’t upload directly to budgetlightforum.. so description it is -

to my left
bunch of cheap 1xAA lights, some olights (just got S1 today. awesome!), EA11, peak eiger, lumintop, and bunch of li-on batteries alongside D2 charger.

i got my first order of li-ons last night, so have been playing with them.

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My French bulldog and my S2 for ceil bouncing light…oh and a Xiaomi 10000mAh powerbank

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As I look to the left , on the laptop screen I see a DX soul (DX.COM) ad and as I look to my hard left , a cabinet with x2 watches ,

x2 Maglites , some Beer , several different types of liquor and wines that I no longer drink and other stuff sitting on top it.
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At my left is an old XP laptop that I just fired up to update it’s security.

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I’m in…when I look to the left, I see my 8 year old son playing Star Wars Battlefront on PS4.

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When i look to the left all i can see is the wall, just white wall. Congratulations on you 3k.

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I’m in, congrats to your 3k!
When I look to the left is my doorway.

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Thanks for the giveaway, M4D M4X!

When I look left I see my Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Charlie.

Good dog!

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on my left out the windshield, another motorhome, the shoreline and the Nanaimo River Estuary with a zillion birds Smile

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I can see my roomdoor, bed and shelf (where I hide my treasures) on my left.

Congrats and thanks for doing such a nice giveaway!
Your deals are the best!

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A coffee cup full of steaming hot goodness … Silly

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Congrats on 3k posts. To my left is a green wall, and my daughter’s exersaucer

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On my left is a thermometer. It’s 14 degrees Celsius; time for a hot mug of tea!

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I can see my collection of flashlights sitting on the computer desk. Thanks for the opportunity!

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Fat books on the right, mess on the left. I am basically surrounded by even more books and mess Big Smile thanks for the giveaway. Sorry to hear you are unemployed, aber wenn es mehr als genug Geld und Arbeitsstelle fuer tausende der unausgebildeten Fluechtlinge ohne Sprachkenntnisse in Osterreich gibt, (sorry, but that is sadly true for the entire EU. I am actually an immigrant as well at the moment, but I work, live and pay the bills by myself and I moved to my current country without relying on its generosity and social system) findest auch du bestimmt ohne Probleme einen neuen Job ! Ich druecke dir die Daumen!

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Wooo! Grats on the 3000th post! I have a longgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg way to go.

To my immediately left is my closet to my man cave. It holds all the stuff I buy from craigslist to sell on eBay to make some extra money to pay for my hobbys.

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On my left is a desk far to messy to photograph covered in flash lights, parts of flash lights and other assorted electronics.

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On my left is my bed because i am inside my bedroom right now.

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i can’t take a photo as i don’t have my camera here right now, but to my left is a window with cold enough temps outside to snow. Party

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Congratulations and thank you for the opportunity!
Great altruism-inducing idea you had there Smile

On my left I see…. a ton of diapers. Fortunately unused Big Smile

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When I look to my left I see a short bookcase with a bluetooth speaker on top.
On top of the speaker is my old Dell Streak 5 phone running Xiia live as a police scanner

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Congratulations. When I look left I see my sweet daughter who is falling asleep after a story and I am lying beside her reading on the iPad. Some cute artwork on the wall and that’s about it.

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I see a painted wall. :(!IMG_20151128_231025983!

Please enter my post in the giveaway. Smile

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Well, ok, this is what I see if I face left. Glad you didn't ask us to look down. And thanks for the GAW.

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Good job reaching 3k To my left is my bedside table. With my alarm clock,plastic cup of water, lamp, olight s30, cell phone, few dollar bills, my 1911. And my holster.
Thank you for the opportunity

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Left? Just a plain white wall. You picked the one direction of nothing.

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Thanks for the giveaway.
What I see left and right, o crap, there are flashlights all over my room, I even found one under my pillow (because I don’t have bedside table) Big Smile


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Congrats! And thanks.

To my left is the mostly open doorway to a hall leading to our closets and master bathroom … pocket door about 80% or stowed in its slot.

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Congratulations on reaching 3000 plus posts and thanks for the giveaway opportunity. Thanks also for the awesome discount codes you and Banggood offer the community.

To my direct left at this moment is a Epson XP-520 printer sitting on a short wooden file cabinet and a 3-foot tall stool and the door to my study/computer room.