Should we have yet another GB for BLF-348?

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Artiet59 wrote:
merlot wrote:
There’s a Singfire sf-348 (with a pretty awful green xpg) for $7 available at fasttech:

I bought one and put a 219b in it and its lovely

I want to buy one of those, but how difficult is it working in that small 12mm head? I have swapped LED’s in my ~19mm xeno e03, and that was tight . I don’t know if I can not ruin stuff in such tight quarters.. Facepalm

Its quite straightforward, the mcpcb heats up really quickly so its easy to solder

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I’d be in for a few

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I’m not sure. outside of the sleek metallic look, the Sofirn C01S is bi-level and has a better price point.

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Lonelydad wrote:
…..outside of the sleek metallic look……

That is the reason I bought the 348 Smile